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Turbine Kreuzberg GmbH

Königstraße 39 · Stuttgart

How to find us

Enter the main entrance at Schmale Straße 10 and call the elevator to lift you up to level 4. Just follow Turbine Kreuzberg's company logo.

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coding stuttgart, here's our second (or oneth, if you're still into zero based indexing) meetup. There will be talks, there will be conversation and there will be code for sure. And thanks to our host Turbine Kreuzberg there will be amenities to keep you alive during the evening.

Last time - when we dropped the word "Self Sovereign Identity" - someone stood up and said, "that sounds interesting"! Now guess what: we have found a speaker who's going to give a great talk about it! Kai Wagner by Jolocom (Berlin) will take the opportunity and clear the clouds on how you gain back control over your identity using blockchain technology (and how to integrate it into your applications).

So far, we can announce this agenda:

18:30 doors open

19:00 say hello, warm up and introduce yourself

19:15 talk #1 Kai Wagner (Jolocom): The future of digital identity: self-sovereign identity

Jolocom is developing digital identity solutions using self sovereign identity principles. Kai will explain the main concepts behind it and give some demonstrations on how applications can make use of it. Self sovereign identities are created and managed by its subject (you!) in a completely decentralized manner. Jolocom's protocol allows access rights management for companies, for governmental use cases, for embedded devices and of course for everyone who wants to gain back control on her identity. Everything at Jolocom is open sourced and implemented along open industry standards.

Kai is responsible for partnership development at Jolocom, excited about the potential of open and interoperable infrastructure for the decentralized web and frequently shares his perspective at events and workshops. He's also an active member of the German Blockchain Association (Bundesblock) and contributed as lead author on its SSI initiative (

20:00 snacks galore

20:15 talk #2 (you, maybe?)

21:15 have a zäpfle

if you want to apply for the 2nd talk slot, go ahead and drop us a message.


Here are some simple commandments for a good coding meetup and its talks:

- As soon as 1 person is around who doesn't understand German, we switch to English (if you want to give a talk in German, this has to be announced upfront).
- Don't bash one technology in favour of another without giving a *very* concrete reason.
- One demo can spare you 10 slides, so don't be shy and type live – we're all developers, so we'll only laugh at cat pictures and not your code stunts.
- Talks have to be hands on, they must contain at least one line of code and in the best case they're massively supported by demos.

Looking forward to your proposals!