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Coworking Day @ Depot Lab
Do you prefer to work in a creative and productive environment with other like-minded entrepreneurs and freelancers rather than alone at home or in a café? Then join us on our coworking day. This time we got invited by Deborah and Renzo from Depot Lab Let´s meet from 10:00 am on to focus getting our work done, but also to get to know each other a bit. After a quick round of introductions, we will dedicate our time on digital matters. Those who want can join to have lunch together at the café or a nearby place. Nearest Metro Stations are Verdaguer (L4) or Diagonal (L3,L5) website:

Depot Lab Barcelona

Calle Bruc 149 · Barcelona

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What we're about

Finally there is a community for meeting like-minded people in town!

CODINO - The Community of Digital Nomads in Barcelona (

You are at the right place, if you are a location-independent freelancer, entrepreneur or employee...

.. and also a warm welcome for those who are interested in theDigital Nomad Lifestyle, but still doing this 9 to 5 rat-race thing!

What's a Digital Nomad Lifestyle?

In short it's a path to morefreedom.

Freedom in time, money and taking your own decisions.

It's a lifestyle of abundance, being healty and happy and living your passions.

From anywhere in the world outside the regular "corportate" world.

And generating a serious income - with all possiblities not having to change your precious time for little money - earning a scalable, passive income. Where it's your business who works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and not you in the office.

No more boss behind you, no more commuting to the office, having your own mission, living out your own creativity, setting up your own rules and being able to work on your passion-project from any place in the world you can imagine...

With business models who give you enough time and income to live the life you really want - no matter where you are.

And it's not just about working while travelling - it's also about living a healty life, personal growth, self-discovery, life-long learning.

... and about meeting smart people who have the same mindset, meeting like-minded lifestyle artists you can learn from and connect with.

Because we are one big family - though we grow FAST!

What's in for me?

CODINO is the Digital Nomad Community in Barcelona. On our meetups we mingle with other location-independent people in an easy going environment.

No matter if you are just interested in the lifestyle to be able to work from anywhere. or living this life already.

Everyone who has made it to this step so far is welcome in our Community!

We connect remote workers, online-entrepreneurs, freelancers, marketers, developers, web-designers, bloggers and writers. Anyone who wants to get liberated from 9-5 corporate office jobs with an online-passion project. And anyone who is longing for more freedom as a location-independent libertine.

What do we do on our meetups?

Let´s get together for casual meetups to get to know each other offline, to network and build up a community!

On our coworking days me meet in cafés, coworking-spaces and other unusual venues.

On our meetups we come together to talk about our experiences and challenges being a nomad, an expat-freelancer or a location-independent solopreneur.

On our nomadtalks we invite guest speakers who share their insights in business related topics as well as productivity and life hacks

On our masterminds we come together in small groups on a regular base - to work on our goals and share mutually our feedback, help and knowledge. And to be more focuesd, productive and commited with our projects.

On our workations we travel togehter to work from inspiring places, being highly productive. In fact so productive, hat we can enjoy the other half of the day - and do a lot of activites in our leisure time.

Like David Guetta says: "Work hard, play hard." ...or was it "Work smart, not hard" Damn!






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