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#NomadTalks: Multiple Residency, Entrepreneur Visa, Saving Taxes, Brand Identity

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This #Nomadtalk is going to be a mini-conference:

We invited four speakers - all talking about essential aspects of the Digital Nomad Lifestyle: multiple residencies and passports, entrepreneurship visa for Spain, and saving taxes as a freelancer or entrepreneur here in the country

1. Mariza Leal - How to apply for the Entrepreneurship Visa

Mariza will talk about how to apply for an entrepreneurship visa in Spain. Interesting for everyone who any non Europeans who want to establish a business in Spain and an easy way to obtain residency inside the Schengen Zone

Mariza is a US-Brazilian and host of, Podcast Producer, & Founder,

2. Michael Smith - Multiple residencies and passports

Michael will explain us why we all should have multiple residencies and citizenships and gives us an overview how to get passports and residence permits of different countries.

Michael has a US and British passport and several residence permits. He is CEO of Intuitive Business Growth┃CEOs: multiply your business intuition ⇒ faster growth + less stress

3. Johan Sjörgren -Tax savings for freelancers and digital nomads

How can I pay lower taxes, use offshore companies and jurisdictions around the world to pay lower taxes and still be legal after the Panama papers?

Johan is Swedish and based in Barcelona. He is a serial entrepreneur with focus on Financial Services.

4. Gregory V. Diehl – Creating a brand identity that matters

How to discover the most uniquely valuable elements of your offers, tell the story your customers will want to hear, and set up your business in alignment with who you are.

Gregory is from California, but has ventured the world veraciously since 18. He helps people figure out who they are and how to get others to give a damn. His first book, Brand Identity Breakthrough, recently became an Amazon bestseller.