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Coffee & Critique is a writers' critique group. We are focused on helping writers polish their work and develop their writing style through critique. Our goal is to make writing a little less lonely by bringing writers together to help focus on their craft.

This group is run by Eric Hamilton (Editor in Chief of Brief Conceits Press) and assisted by Erin Burke. The group was originally founded by Lynsey Morandin and Jeremy Bronaugh (formerly of Hypertrophic Press). We love writing and share a passion for helping people develop as writers.

Although we firmly believe that writing is for everyone,to be a part of the group one must make an active effort to participate. We will remove members who haven't been active in any meeting in six months.

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Host: Eric Hamilton Location: Your computer, over Google Meeting Eight people max All genres and writing levels welcome. To join the meeting: email your piece of up to 5,000 words to EMHAMILTON+[masked] by Thursday, January 21st. If your piece isn't turned in by midnight of the 21st, you will be removed from the meeting to make room for anyone on the waiting list. We often have last minute substitutions, so please submit your work by the 11th even if you are on the waiting list. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND WORD COUNT ON YOUR DOCUMENT. And please submit your submission in a format that can be read in a word processor application. (.doc, .docx, .rtf, etc.) If you would like to receive comments via email, include your email and that request as part of your submission document. Please note: we do not send out email critiques until after the meeting. The in-person meeting is the most valuable way of disseminating your notes to each writer, and we ask that you please refrain from emailing your comments to our members until you have had a chance to speak to them in person. You may submit: - ONE whole short story up to 5,000 words - THREE poems - THREE chapters of a book up to 5,000 words TOTAL** SUBMISSIONS THAT EXCEED THIS WORD/POEM/CHAPTER COUNT WILL NOT BE INCLUDED so please make sure that you follow the guidelines. We will not cut works to fit within the word count, nor will we give you another opportunity to submit your piece to this meeting if you exceed the word count. **If you are sending in chapters from a book and they do not include the first chapter, please also include a one-paragraph max. summary of what has already happened in your book. The link to the teleconference will be provided when submissions are distributed to participants. Reminder for anyone new: You are required to read and comment on EVERY piece and attend the critique session. You are also required to comment on a piece even if it is not something you'd normally read or a genre you don't know much about. The point of this is to help everyone improve their work, and comments from readers outside our genres are just as valuable as comments from readers within our genres. Please also note that grammatical and punctuation errors can be noted on each piece, but that is not the purpose of these sessions. We are here to talk about each piece as a whole - what works, what lost you, what could be improved and why. We will not be discussing punctuation and spelling in the group meeting. If you are left on the waiting list of this session, and you don't get substituted in, you will be the first to join the next critique session. We want everyone to be able to participate, and don't want you to be discouraged if this group is already filled up. If you have a piece ready to be critiqued, JOIN THE WAIT LIST and you will get first priority for the next critique session. If you were in the previous critique session, you are also encouraged to RSVP, but please be aware that you may be moved to the waiting list to make room for someone who did not participate in the last critique. This only applies to those who participated in the immediately previous critique session.

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