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Coinscrum {Blockstars} - Trippki / Sweetbridge / Protos / Energimine / Pesabase

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Coinscrum {Blockstars}

2nd Nov 2017 // @ Rise London

Doors open 6pm // Presentations begin at 6:25pm // Networking by 8:30pm // In pub by 9pm


Tonight we'll be hearing from founders of 5 new projects using blockchain to enhance their product offering.



6:30pm // Welcome from the Rise London ( team

6:25pm // Welcome from our sponsors // Ed Cunningham // Trippki (


6:30pm // Omar Rahim // Energimine (

6:55pm // Dr Philipp Kallerhoff // Protos Management (

7:20pm // Nhial Majok // Pesabase​ (

7:45pm // David Henderson // Sweetbridge​ (

8:10pm // TBC

8:35pm // Networking

9:00pm // Pub


Please note: We welcome all of our innovative founders to share their ideas at Coinscrum.

However, their presentations do not infer any kind of endorsement by Coinscrum's organisers of any possible investment opportunity in any related ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

Crypto-tokens are a high risk investment and you should always carry out your own thorough research and due diligence before deciding whether or not to invest yourself.


With thanks to our industry sponsors Trippki (

Trippki ( a new hotel booking platform, creating a better relationship between customers and suppliers through its decentralised rewards protocol, TRIP.


With thanks to our venue sponsors Rise London (

Rise brings together the world’s best and brightest start-ups and experts to create the future of financial services.


Follow us @coinscrum (