"GET /cfml - A Guide to Writing API Wrappers" with Matthew Clemente

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Our session on Thursday Oct 31 at 12pm (US ET) will be "GET /cfml - A Guide to Writing API Wrappers", with Matthew Clemente.

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MEETING URL: https://experts.adobeconnect.com/cfmeetup/

Recordings: https://recordings.coldfusionmeetup.com

TOPIC DESCRIPTION: (provided by the speaker)

Nearly everything has an API; they are the language of the internet. With a simple HTTP call, you can process a payment, send a text, and yes, even return random cat pictures. While many API providers have official libraries, ColdFusion may not be one of the supported languages. In this session, I'll show you how to craft your own coherent wrapper for APIs that don't already have ColdFusion support. We'll examine code from real-world examples to learn practical design strategies, as well as the theory behind them. After all, while every API is different, the underlying RESTful principles are the same.

Along the way, we'll tackle common issues, including naming conventions, error handing, and of course, testing. By the end, you'll have all the tips, tricks, and tools necessary to harness the power of external APIs within your own applications and to share your API wrappers with the ColdFusion community!

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: (provided by the speaker)

I'm a Founding Partner with Season 4, LLC, a team of designers, programmers, and writers working in the legal industry. After studying English, I took the road less traveled and one day realized, much to my surprise, that I had become a developer. I've been building with ColdFusion since MX 7, and the community has been amazing from the start.

I'm a husband, father, and always trying to be better. You can find me on Twitter (@mjclemente84), Github (@mjclemente) and I blog, time permitting, at the cleverly named blog.mattclemente.com.

WHEN: Thurs. Oct 31, 12:00pm US ET (UTC/GMT-4)

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DURATION: Approx. 1 hour, plus time for questions


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