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"XML and ColdFusion", with Nic Tunney

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When: Thursday, Mar 6, 6:00pm EST (GMT-5) (What time is that for you? See this link ( which shows the time as EST and you can choose your city from the list offered to see it in your own time.)

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Duration: Approx. 1 hour
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Our second speaker on Thursday, Mar 6 at 6pm EST will be Nic Tunney on "XML and ColdFusion".

Description: (provided by the speaker)

XML and ColdFusion is an intermediate level presentation delving into not only what XML is and what it means to developers as both a communication tool and persistence layer, but also how to traverse the XML Dom using ColdFusion. If time permits, an XPath demonstration will be given as well. This presentation assumes a basic knowledge of ColdFusion arrays and structures.


Nicholas Tunney is an Adobe Certified Advanced ColdFusion Developer and has been programming ColdFusion for over 8 years. He is currently VP/Senior Software Architect for AboutWeb, a consulting firm based in Rockville, Maryland with offices in Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina. He is also a frequent author and vocal member of the ColdFusion community, and is an Adobe Certified Instructor.

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