#1 Decentralized Identity

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Today your identity includes more data than ever before, but you don’t own it. Decentralized identity (DID) can replace identifiers such as an email address or username, independent from any centralized registry, identity provider, or certificate authority. It’s rooted in blockchain and distributed ledger technology to protect privacy and allow secure transactions.

Many DID networks and approaches that implement the protocol on the top of blockchain as a layer2 (layer3) have been proposed currently.

In this kick-off event, we will discuss the benefits of DID from the perspective of everyone, companies and developers.

In addition, let's experience DIDs by registering your DID and confirm it on Microsoft's ION test net.
Document: https://didproject.azurewebsites.net/docs/overview.html
Whitepaper: https://query.prod.cms.rt.microsoft.com/cms/api/am/binary/RE2DjfY
Github: https://github.com/decentralized-identity/did-auth-jose (test-net)

In order to complete this registration tutorial, you'll need:
NPM and NodeJS 8 or later installed on your machine.

19:00~19:10: Intro to the meet-up
19:10~19:40: Participants Intro / Lightning Talks
19:40~20:10: DID Use Cases
20:10~20:40: Hands-on: Register and discover DID on ION
20:40~21:00 Discussion: learnings, next steps
21:00~ Meetup