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The Small Business Hub was created to link entrepreneurs, businesses, industry and governmental organizations in support of tech-driven business growth, strengthening the Air Force industrial base and commercializing technologies for new market opportunities. It was established in 2014 as a dual effort by the Wright Brothers Institute (WBI) and the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL).


Free and open business events, known as Colliders, are hosted by the Small Business Hub to drive opportunity discovery and identify supporting resources. Attendance allows for engagement with fellow community members from business, government and academic circles.

Focused around technology, entrepreneurship, and business growth, there are four styles in the Collider Series, each of which offers a networking component. These include:

• Information Series – educational or learning sessions

• Partnership Series - networking, partnership opportunities, matchmaking, Q&A panels, and problem solving

• Innovative Technology Series - targets specific leading-edge research areas and technology needs

• Regional Ecosystem Series - cross-promotes events happening throughout the region


While the Collider Project is a resource that enables connections to happen organically, the Small Business Hub also works to formally engage individuals and organizations through One-on-One’s.

We strive to interconnect the needs and capabilities of small businesses, industry, AFRL, and other regional assets and programs in order to drive the regional business economy.


Connect with Jim Masonbrink, Small Business Hub Director at james.masonbrink@wbi-icc.com or 937-424-8674 for more information. Follow Small Business Hub on Twitter too (@AFRLBizHub (https://twitter.com/AFRLBizHub))!

For general information contact Ryan Clarke, Small Business Hub Marketing Coordinator intern at ryan.clarke@wbi-icc.com or 937-424-8673.

Join the Collider Project at http://www.meetup.com/collider and refer others from the business community, AFRL or regional resources.

Upcoming events (5+)

(Info Series) Cornerstone Research Group - A Local SBIR Success Story Collider

Wright Brothers Institute: 2nd Street

Cornerstone Research Group (CRG) in business since 1997, is an extremely successful Small Business located in Miamisburg, OH. They are a nationally recognized technology leader in the Aerospace & Defense field. One of CRG’s greatest accolades is being Ohio’s #1 SBIR Awardee – no other company in Ohio has won more SBIR’s than CRG. CRG is willing and excited to speak on their success and help other Small Businesses who are interested in succeeding in the SBIR process. CRG will be sharing their overall strategy and talking about their business sectors which include: - Aerosystems - Power & Energy - Advance Materials - Medical Technology - Sensors CRG’s success is backed by a winning Business Model where they will share their philosophy on: - Funded R&D and Innovation is the Foundation to Success -- Diversified Customers (DoD, NASA, and Commercial) -- Executed over 200 Government R&D contracts (> $90M) -- Customers ID competitive innovations -- R&D contracts cover indirect operational costs -- CRG retains commercial rights to Intellectual Property (IP) - Capitalize on Emerging Opportunities -- Build future business on intangible assets -- Monetize intangible assets -- Leverage indirect costs of R&D contracts These are just some of the topics that CRG is going to go over and share with everyone along with some of their various Sector Leads. Don’t miss this great opportunity to hear the most successful SBIR company in the State of Ohio share their success. This event will be during 4th Friday at 444 located at Wright Brothers Institute at 444 E 2nd St, Dayton, OH. There will be an optional networking event directly after the Collider at the 444 facility, which will be a great opportunity to not only network with local SBIR companies but local up and coming Startups and Entrepreneurs. SIGN UP TODAY!

(Cross Promo) Entering the Gov. Market & Succeeding as a Gov. Contractor

Collider Members, You are cordially invited to the Government Contracting Symposium - Entering the Government Market & Succeeding as a Government Contractor. This event is an informative and interactive full-day seminar designed to help companies enter – and succeed in – the federal, state and local government contracting arena. Our guest speakers and panelists will cover multiple topics, including: - Business strategies for doing business with a public customer - Steps required to develop relevant government contracting experience - Useful considerations in evaluating potential government contracting opportunities - Approaching, understanding and succeeding in the proposal process - Best practices to identify contracting opportunities and win contracts - Ongoing regulatory compliance and common contract performance issues - Strategies for dealing with government contracting supply chains Complimentary continental breakfast and lunch will be provided, and the day will conclude with a networking reception. Please reserve your seat now by registering online: http://www.pages05.net/thompsonhinellp/Event-Dayton-GovernmentContractingSymposium12919/?spMailingID=20629646&spUserID=MzM3NjQ5NjczODE0S0&spJobID=1381831802&spReportId=MTM4MTgzMTgwMgS2 More Information/Questions: http://links.thompsonhine.mkt4194.com/servlet/MailView?ms=MjA2Mjk2NDYS1&r=MzM3NjQ5NjczODE0S0&j=MTM4MTgzMTgwMgS2&mt=1&rt=0

Request for DOTC Technology Plan Requirements (DOTC-19-04) S:1 Feb 2019

ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE AFRL/SB Director: The new DOTC BIDS portal is now open for submission of requirements for DOTC-19-04 Technology Plan. The final DOTC-19-04 Technology Plan will be part of the DOTC-19-04 Request for Ordnance Technology Initiatives (ROTI)/Request for Prototype Proposal (RPP) to be released 28 March 2019. (1) Please see attached Changes to DOTC FY19.pdf to view changes to the DOTC process. (2) New DOTC BIDS Portal for DOTC-19-04 Technology Plan Requirements submission: https://ati.acqcenter.com/NAC-DOTC/Bids2.nsf/ a) Please note all award activities are still being executed in the existing DOTC BIDS site. The two sites will be merged in the near future. (3) Please see attached DOTC Technology Plan Requirements Instructions.pdf with step by step instructions on how to submit a requirement. a) Please submit your requirements in BIDS NLT 3:00PM ET 1 February 2019. There will not be any exceptions. If you know of anyone interested in participating in DOTC, please forward this email. Links to supporting documents: - Changes for FY19 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NU7wQu65VgY4gPa0AudR4WnfM0TI8QWf - DOTC Technology Plan Requirements Instructions - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tp0AQcFhf7Av-UJzIDfhabELvIuAdS3s If you have any questions or would like to be removed from future distribution for DOTC, please email: [masked]

(Cross Promo) Direct to Phase II Topics and message from Dr. Alok Das

A Message from the AFRL Chief Information Officer and Senior Scientist - Dr. Alok Das In a quest to rapidly capitalize on emerging technology trends, the United States Air Force is actively seeking small high tech companies with great ideas and agile development processes to exploit these new developments for novel military and commercial applications. For this effort, we are using a faster, more focused development process, offering expanded transition opportunities. We will be leveraging the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and the authority for Direct to Phase II (D2P2) contracts. As you may know, the SBIR program is a competitive program that invests in small businesses for advanced technologies. Under the current solicitation, we plan to directly award one year duration Phase II contracts for technology development/application efforts up to ~$1.6M in three technology areas, thus streamlining this acquisition by seeking companies that have done relevant background research and skipping the traditional Phase I process. This initiative seeks proposals in three areas: AF19.1-D001 Low Cost Laser Communications Ground Terminal Network AF19.1-D002 Miniature Radar to Counter Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) AF19.1-D003 Mitigation of Small Unmanned Aircraft System Swarms (sUASS) More details on the D2P2 SBIR program and these topics are available at https://sbir.defensebusiness.org/topics/instructions . The information on that website is pre-solicitation, so interested parties should check back on that website after the official release on 8 Jan 2019 for changes in the instructions, if any. The deadline for proposals is 6 Feb 2019.

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