(Cross Promo) Automating your Infrastructure Deployments with "CloudFormation"

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In this demo, Chuck Meyer will give you a quick tour of using GitHub and Travis CI to test and build your CloudFormation defined AWS infrastructure. The focus will be integrating testing tools like cfn-lint and taskcat to validate environments prior to deployment.

Speaker bio:

Chuck Meyer is a Sr. Developer Advocate for AWS CloudFormation with a goal of maturing the practice of treating infrastructure as code to reduce the time it takes developers to deploy infrastructure so they can focus on their applications. He also helps maintain the CloudFormation Linter (cfn-python-lint). Previously, Chuck worked directly with AWS customers as both a Consultant and Specialist Solution Architect focused on DevOps, infrastructure automation, and security. He has served in operational, development, and management positions in IT departments across the public and private sectors. He wishes he had more time to play bass.