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The world is undergoing a dramatic transformation. Rapidly transforming from isolated systems to prevalent Internet-enabled ‘things’, commonly referred as the Internet of Things (IoT). This group is meant to bring the like-minded IoT fans together in Sri Lanka. Maybe you love the technology side, or the business side or maybe you are just a fan of IoT products, come join us to this new reality of everyday life. Sri Lanka being well-known for the innovative minded people, time has come to connect our talented souls to become a driving force in the global IoT sector.

Past events (7)

Enrich With IoT - 7th Colombo IoT Meetup

BMICH Jasmin (Committee Room A)

Rise with Cloud Intelligence - 6th Colombo IoT Meetup

Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration (SLIDA Auditorium)

Compute Everything

ICTAD Auditorium

Beyond Your Senses - 4th Colombo IoT Meetup

ICTAD Auditorium

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