What we're about

Our Vision:

Connection. Collaboration. Community. 

Building connection, collaboration and community for Colorado's workforce and employers.

Our Mission:

To empower, inspire and create growth opportunities and professional development for Colorado's diverse and inclusive workforce, and provide Colorado employers with amplified opportunities to connect, learn and integrate best practices.

Our Approach:

Provide outreach programs offering career connections, hiring companies, education workshops, networking, resources and job leads in targeted networking groups.

Our Core Values:

We will provide bi-weekly core networking events at no charge.
We will maintain world-class quality.
We will have a heart of service to empower inclusivity.
We will be soul-inspired and assure integrity and ethics in our practices.

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Colorado Career Connectors is hosted by Chelle Johnson, a Career Resilience Consultant and Strategist. Learn more about Chelle and her career services at her website, www.BestYourCareerAdvantage.com.

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Master Storytelling for Job Interviews

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Do you struggle in job interviews? If yes, you're not alone. Keith Bailey and Alyce Blum will be joining us on Monday 6/6/22 to talk with us about how we can master storytelling for job interviews.

Most of us struggle with what to say and freeze up once we're in the hot seat. During this session, you'll learn Articulated Intelligence's gamified and trademarked approach to tell hire-worthy stories that can be applied to any job interview so you can land your ideal position.

What is an interview, if not a series of short stories about YOU!

About Keith & Alyce:

In 2012 Alyce became a Certified Professional Coach sharing scientifically proven tools and her own experiences to coach, consult, and facilitate sessions on how to build meaningful and lasting relationships via effective communication skills, with a focus on storytelling. After running her own business for 7 years she met Keith Bailey.

Keith has had a passion for public speaking since experiencing a seminal moment in the 4th grade. From the hospitality industry to global corporate sales he learned the power of storytelling for profit, influence, and fun. With 16 years as a personal and corporate coach, Keith is motivated by the success of others in his quest to help you live a life well-spoken.

Together, they co-founded Articulated Intelligence where our mission is helping people prevent unintentional audience abuse so that one's personal and professional brand stands out through the words they share with the world.

Learn more about Articulated Intelligence at www.articulated-intelligence.com.

RSVP for this event and more at www.CoCareerConnectors.com.

Battered Career Syndrome

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Are you frustrated with the nightmare that Corporate America has become for so many people? Have you become fed up with putting your career and life in someone else’s hands only to have the loyalty not reciprocated? Are you sick and tired of making a lot of money for other people? If so, you may be suffering from Battered Career Syndrome ©.


  • Learn about options outside traditional Corporate America
  • Find out how you can be in business for yourself but not by yourself
  • Hear about ways to either leave Corporate America for good or develop an additional stream of income

Anna Brambilla is a coach and educator who has helped hundreds of clients define a vision for their future and identify various ways to achieve their goals. She offers a safe space to learn and explore. There is no cost or obligation to working with her except a desire to see what’s possible.

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Celebrating Pride & Allyship | a special event

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Please join us in welcoming Ellen Lichtenstein, Jordan Reck and others for this special event to honor the LGBTQ community and its allies.

Today's workplace is enhancing opportunities for work/life harmony, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, hybrid and remote work, better mental health and total rewards. The workforce is demanding more, and companies are pivoting to allow for more true equality and inclusion.

So, how does this affect you?

In this special event, we will dig deep into how professionals can own their own development while being their authentic selves, why gender identity and pronouns are important, and provide details on how you can be an empowered advocate/ally and stand with others who might be different from you.


  • Tips and actions on how to own your professional development while being your authentic self
  • Insight and understanding about gender identity and pronouns and how to honor this in the workplace
  • Actions on how to stand with others through allyship, break microaggressions, and diplomatically challenge the status quo

All are welcomed and encouraged to attend this important event.

About our panelists:

Ellen Lichtenstein is a creative professional with fifteen years of experience in the world of media and communications. When not sitting in front of a computer or behind a camera, Ellen can be found volunteering with The Right Step, Inc. or exploring nature with her husband and their three Icelandic Horses.

Jordan Reck is a Senior Organization Change Manager with Collaborative Solutions, LLC. Jordan’s experience spans for-profit and nonprofit organizations from Fortune 500 companies to medium-sized businesses, education, and government institutions.

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