What we're about

Calling female and non-binary designers of color. We're a collective dedicated to creating community and celebrating women identified designers of color. We'll meet to discuss issues in the workplace, how we can support each other, and, more importantly, how we can gain more visibility in the industry. So come to a group where you don't have to pick which identity matters more.


At this time we are looking to build community between womxn and non-binary people of color in the design industry. If you have an interest in the collective, but do not identify as a womxn or non-binary person of color, please feel free to reach out to an organizer about partnering with the group.

Upcoming events (2)

colored collective brunch

Lady Gregory's Bar & Restaurant

It's been awhile since we've gotten together. Let's start the new year off strong and build some community with a casual brunch. We'll use this as an opportunity to get to know each other and talk about what each of you is looking for out of the colored collective. --- Choosing a spot I know that is good for groups and has a lot of options, but if you have any recommendations leave them in the event comments.

Short Form, Long Form Badass– A Personal Bio Writing Session

We've all been asked for it before, the dreaded personal bio. Whether is appears on your personal website, a speaker list, or needed for a client introduction, the personal bio is the world's introduction to you and we get it, it is difficult to write, especially for women. We tend to minimize our accomplishments, but no longer. In this session we'll try a technique where we write each other's bios. You'll leave this session with a long form, short form, and maybe even twitter sized bio you can use for all your personal bio needs. --- Also going to try to set up someone to do headshots so stay tuned for more details!

Past events (2)

Focal Point, a women of color storytelling event

Grand Studio

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