What we're about

This is a group for women** interested in exploring and celebrating their sensuality, sexuality, and spirituality. "Common Sensuality" is your sensual native intelligence that can contribute to a happier, healthier life -- noticing and delighting in the senses - touch, taste, smell, hearing and smell -- and increasing the pleasure in your life through that noticing.

I am healing from a childhood steeped in negative, judgmental attitudes and messages about sex, delivered with a heap of shame. My studies in Somatic Sex Education, Tantra and Healing Touch are helping me become whole, and am excited to share what I am learning. One things I've learned is that there aren't many places where people can talk openly and honestly about sex ... so now there is this one! I'm starting a separate group for men*, to provide a place for them to talk openly and honestly about sex. And we'll schedule joint meet ups regularly, for fun and dialogue with both men and women.

I desire to offer a safe-enough, non-judgmental place to talk about sensuality and sexuality, and share information and resources.

To help me learn what you'd like to talk about and explore, I've set up a few profile questions. You won't have to worry about getting bombarded by information from me - I'll only send out an occasional note to ask for your input into how the Meetup could serve you better, and let you know when events are scheduled.

Thanks for sharing and helping create your Meetup!



** women and those who are female identified -- all welcome!

* men and those who are male identified -- all welcome!

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Discover Your Erotic Self

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Befriend Your Body - a 7 week journey

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