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Commsunity is about community and communications. Let's support each other, online and offline. With Coronavirus / COVID19 we are missing the randomness of meeting strangers and making new friends online and offline. Right now we would be meeting virtually via video calls.

If you want to post events for the group, please contact the Organizer. I will make you an Event Organizer. It's very easy to do!

Let's stay connected!


We have added tips on effective communication when you are not in the same physical space.

The power of silence:

This is hard on a call, as people think silence may be a sign the line has dropped. But sharing silence can enable us to feel close. Also, the fact we are listening supportively may enable the speaker to have far richer creative thoughts while they are silent.

Equal airtime:

In a chat with a friend or parent, we need to make sure the time is shared equally between both parties. There's no value in calling your mum and talking at her for 30 minutes.

Listen deeply:

Using deep listening (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-51705369) techniques can enable people to feel truly understood. This involves giving all our attention to the speaker, listening with curiosity and without judgement to their words, emotions, and their underlying meaning, then summarising their views to make sure you've understood.

Feel the connection:

Anti-coronavirus measures confront us all with isolation and we all face individual challenges. Yet this is the first crisis in living memory in which we are all experiencing something together. We have the space to practise true empathy.

Build a new set of gestures:

For example, try touching your heart and feeling the energy there to convey strong emotions beyond words and help connect through the screen.

Show vulnerability:

To build intimacy, be really honest about something personal early in the conversation.

Create a place of safety:

Especially at a time of uncertainty, communicate parameters: "This call is 30 minutes long, it's a chance to talk about how you are feeling and I am really interested in hearing what you have to say."

Video Calls

Raise your laptop: This means if your camera is connected to your machine, it will film you at eye level.Draw a face on a sticker: Put this next to the camera to entice you to look at it.Hide your self-view: This gets in the way of connecting with another person because we get distracted by our own face.

Change your virtual background:

Try using a shared one so, for example, everyone on the call is surrounded by palm trees. Elements that are visually connected feel as though they are more related.

Emotion and Touch Research

Interpersonal touch seems to promote physical health through its effects on stress-sensitive parameters. This study provides evidence that intimate partners benefit from touch on a psychological level, conveying a sense of strengthened bonds between them that enhances affect and well-being.


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Based on BBC Article (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-52196670)

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