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I'd like to invite you to join my online 'Intuition and Inner Guidance Support Group', where you can seek support for using your own inner guidance and intuition regarding relationships, communication, and all areas of life. You can go to Facebook and type in 'Intuition and Inner Guidance Support Group', or visit: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2136532059966891/

You can also check out my podcast http://www.thedreamdetective.com/podcast which explores the mind, body, spirit, dreams, and relationships, depending on the episode.


This group will focus on communication skills for relationships in all areas of life: love, work and home. Starting in January 2016 I will host a once a month event called 'Conscious Communication' at East West Bookshop in Seattle. The model I will be using is Transactional Analysis, a sophisticated theory of personality, communication and behavior used for personal growth and change.

A variety of topics will be covered including:

• how to have balance in your relationships

• how to get what you want out of life by communicating authentically

• how to get out of your way not take things personally

• how to 'cross' a transaction; aka change the direction of an unproductive interaction

• dealing with difficult people in a way that protects your self

• increase intimacy in love relationships

• conscious and subconscious communication

• verbal and non-verbal layers of communication

• the many 'parts' we communicate from - and how our parts interact with the parts in other people

• tools for highly sensitives, empaths and healers for better boundaries & not take on other people's 'stuff'

• tools for healers and readers to better empower self and clients

These workshops, among others, will be taught by Mimi Pettibone, certified Transactional Analyst. For more info visit: http://www.thedreamdetective.com/transactional-analysis/

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East West Bookshop - New Location

Dream Group

East West Bookshop - New Location

Dream Group

East West Bookshop - New Location

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