• Recovery Works

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    Recovery Works support group is a safe place for our black community to come together and discuss challenges that we may face in the community, mental health, and recovery, and also share resources and make healthy connections.
    This is an open meeting to the community, focused on supporting the black community in recovery.

  • Coffee Talk

    4110 Guadalupe St bldg 635

    "Enjoy premium Coffee Trader’s brew in non-judgmental recovery space — at no charge.

    Our Center is a vibrant hub of sober life! Located on the historical Austin State Hospital Campus, Communities for Recovery is recently renovated and ready to invite local people in recovery to join us for collaboration, so we can create fun activities and grow and support our recovery community.

    Our mission is to empower the community with a customized recovery lifestyle that nourishes unique needs, from career support to yoga classes, drum circles, and other recovery social activities.

    We believe that a life of recovery is made up of millions of tiny moments that build meaning. Our peer-support recovery model builds connections social and creates opportunities to fill the time with fun, challenging, and joyful activities.

  • Community Coaching

    Needs a location

    The purpose of Community Coaching is to provide provisional coaching to all peers in need. The group is open to peers who do not have a coach as well as those who do have a coach. The goal of this meeting is to meet peers’ immediate needs by delivering emotional support, a sense of community, and resource navigation. The structure of the meeting is informal and “cross-talk” is allowed. There is currently no script or guideline to follow for this meeting. The facilitator of the meeting can be any Peer Recovery Coach employed by Communities for Recovery. Volunteers are welcome to join and participate.

    • Fridays at 12 pm
      Hybrid (in-person & online)
    • In-person Location:
      4110 Guadalupe st. #635
      Austin, Tx. 78751
    • Zoom Link

  • Computer Lab

    Needs a location

    If you need space to use a computer, printer and free WIFI come we offer it in our center. Monday through Friday 1:00 pm- 4:00 pm.
    Communities for Recovery
    4110 Guadalupe St. # 635
    Austin, Tx. 78751

  • Fun Friday: Stocking Decoration!

    Needs a location

    Our Fun Friday, on December 9th from 5 to 7 pm, will be a stocking decoration activity! We will provide you with a new stocking to add puffy paint, glitter, and more to celebrate the season of gifts. Take your stocking home and hang it on your doorknob, by your fireplace, or fill it with positive affirmations you can use to combat stress during this busy time of year!

    Come join us for Art, Karaoke, Pingpong, and Pizza.
    In a safe environment, where we value recovery but believe in having Fun!!

  • Peer Mentor Support

    Needs a location

    Peer recovery mentor support is the process of giving and receiving nonprofessional, nonclinical assistance to achieve long-term recovery from alcohol or substance use and/or co-occurring mental health issues. Peer support is provided by other people in recovery from addiction or co-occurring disorders, assisting others in initiating recovery, maintaining recovery, and enhancing the quality of personal life in long-term recovery.
    4110 Guadalupe St. #635
    Austin, Tx. 78751

  • Peer Support Re-entry Meeting

    Needs a location

    Here at Communities for Recovery, we know that the problems awaiting justice involved peers, and reentering society can be overwhelming.

    Join us every Saturday for a time to share the challenges and concerns you face as a returning citizen reentering society and rebuilding your life. We have volunteers who have been exactly where you are, and who have successfully navigated this journey. They’re here to help you connect with resources, navigate the system, and find your way in this new world.

  • Kundalini for Recovery

    Needs a location

    What is Kundalini Yoga?

    • Movement of the Body
    • Meditation
    • Healing Sound of the Gong

    Why Kundalini Yoga Helps with Recovery:

    • Battles insomnia, anxiety, and depression
    • Works directly to calm the nerves
    • Teaches strategies for pushing through cravings
    • Unblocks the stuck energy of trauma in the body
    • Encourages breath awareness for control over emotions

    This in-person class

  • Drum Circle

    Needs a location

    What is a drum circle?
    A drum circle is a gathering of people playing percussion instruments as a group. Drum circles are generally unrehearsed and participants often play instruments with their hands, mallets, or drumsticks.
    Rather than being defined and rigid, drum circles are a flowing expression of freedom and creativity.
    Everyone in a drum circle is equal and there are no “specific” parts that each person must play.
    Let the primal urge flow within you!
    Join us every Saturday in person at 11:30 am!
    4110 Guadalupe St. #635
    Austin, Tx. 78751

  • Music in Recovery

    Needs a location

    Why Music in Recovery?

    • Music can help relieve boredom.
    • Music is excellent for helping people more connected.
    • Music can be all about enjoyment in recovery.
    • Music can help renew concentration and focus.
    • Music can help relieve depression and anxiety.
    • Music is a good way to connect and network with others in recovery.
    • Music is a creative expression of our feelings.
    • Music is an excellent stress reliever.

    Music is FUN!! And we belive that recovery should be fun!
    Come join us in person