#BringAFriend Building Compassion for Ourselves and Our Community

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"Compassion Through Suffering: How I found life by facing death.”

When Susan was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer in 2005 at the age of 40, she found that the best way to help kick the “why me?” blues was to help others facing the same crisis. So for the last 12 years she has made it her passion to learn what she could to help others face, fight, and prevent cancer. In her research she found that there is proof that helping others actually boosts the immune system and leads to a more sound body and mind.She also found that certain healthy lifestyle changes can have a physiological effect on the body to activate the amygdala -the part of the brain that helps us to empathize and ultimately increase our compassion factor.Susan will share her experiences as well as some of the healthy lifestyle changes that help our brain to function on a more compassionate level.

Susan Gonzalez, BSN is a nurse certified in plant-based nutrition, certified cancer coach, award-winning blogger, owner of MOON Organics, a natural skincare products company, and co-author of the popular book “100 Perks of Having Cancer plus 100 Health Tips for Surviving It” (Basic Health Publications 2013).

She personally discovered the power of the mind/body relationship during her own journey to reach her optimal health after treatment for stage III breast cancer in 2005. Being a nurse in the patient’s role gave Susan a new perspective on illness, which served to be a valuable asset when working with cancer patients.

Websites for more information: www.100PerksofCancer.com (http://www.100perksofcancer.com/); www.CancerSurvivorsForLife.com (http://www.cancersurvivorsforlife.com/); www.MOON-Organics.com (http://www.moon-organics.com/)