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Speed Dating (Vegan Friendly) 蔬食友好快速约会
Booking required 须提前报名: Join us for a fabulous afternoon of speed dating at Nooxo and enjoy the following that we've prepared for you! 加入我们周六在Nooxo为您安排的快速约会并且想用我们为您准备的以下美酒和甜点! 1. BEVERAGE 酒水: • One glass of Vermell 一杯 ‘唯玫尔干红葡萄酒’ 产区/Place: 瓦伦西亚区,西班牙 / D.O. Valencia, Spain. 评分奖项/Awards:罗伯特·帕克、詹姆斯 · 萨克林, 可持续性种植 / Robert Parker 90/100, James Suckling 91/10 ----- Or ----- • One glass of Beet-a-Date (beetroot, banana, apple, soy milk and dates) 一杯 '脸红的约会' (甜菜根、香蕉、苹果、豆浆和枣) 2. DESSERT 甜点: • Two pieces of 两块: Cocoa-Quinoa Crispy: Cacao, quinoa, sunflower seeds, goji berries, coconut oil, peanut butter and agave syrup. 香脆可可藜麦: 可可、藜麦、葵花籽、枸杞、椰子油、花生酱和龙舌兰糖浆。 ----- and ----- • Two pieces of 两块: Dates & Pumpkin Seed Truffles: Pumpkin seeds, quinoa, almonds, dates, turmeric, cinnamon, cocoa, agave syrup, vanilla and orange juice. 枣和南瓜籽松露:南瓜籽、藜麦、杏仁、枣、姜黄根 粉、肉桂、可可、龙舌兰糖浆,香草和橙汁。 ------ ON THE EVENT DAY 活动当天 Sign in begins at 3:00pm Grab your drinks and snacks at our sign in counter and get ready to mingle! Each couple will have 5 minutes to get to know each other, so prepare your questions in advance! 活动签到下午3点开始。领取您的酒水和甜点、然后做好快速约会的准备吧! 每一对的约会将会是5分钟、所以准备好您的问题哦! To help you get started, we've prepared the following questions for you to consider! 为了让您更充分的为这次快速约会做好准备,我们为您收集了一些问题! View details 查看详情: ------ 科普 About Speed Dating: • 您知道吗?快速约会时1999年发明的。 • 吸引对方的55%是肢体语言、38%是声音的音调和语速、7%是您所说的内容。 • 虽然尝试快速约会的女性会多余男性30%、但是男性参与快速约会的频繁率会多出30%。 • 做出选择的人中,有70%的男性和90%的女性会被配上对。 • 参与快速约会的人当中95%的男性和80%的女性会报道一个积极的体会。 60%的女性会带朋友一起来参加快速约会活动、而男性只有10%会带朋友一起参加。 • 研究表明谈论旅行会带来更好的配对结果哦! • 研究表明4分钟就足够让双方有一个深刻的印象。 • 女性会对聪明的男性表示感兴趣、而男性会对穿着漂亮的女性表示感兴趣。 • 最影响配对结果的是负能量! Are you ready?? See you soon! ♡ 做好准了吗?我们的约会时见!♡

Nooxo (The Crib 育膳房)

2/F, The Crib, 1 Gongti Bei Lu Chaoyang District · Beijing

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    Established and organised by likeminded individuals, this is a group dedicated to those who wish to get involved with vegan outreach events and volunteer with animals in Beijing under the guidance of our connected local groups, shelters and partners.

    There are several different ways to volunteer with us. Whether you just want to help, looking for a fantastic way to spend your retirement or you would like to gain experience working with animals, this group is the place to be.

    We would organise vegan outreach and volunteers activities, such as fundraising events, educational workshops, animal shelter visits and meaningful social events, etc. All aimed at raising awareness and providing assistance to the NGOs and charities we support.

    Members of this group could either participate or help organise various activities and make a difference for the animals in need in Beijing and across China.

    If you have any questions, please leave us a comment in the group.

    This Meetup group is sponsored by a registered UK charity: TACN (

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