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computer.art is a Chicago creative coding summons. Anyone is welcome to join, review our Code of Conduct (https://github.com/brianmontanaweb/computer.art/blob/master/code-of-conduct.md) prior to attending any event. Feel free to sign up (http://eepurl.com/gJpUIH) for our email list or follow us on Twitter at @computerDotArt (https://twitter.com/computerDotArt/).

We're all about creative coding: JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Processing, Java, Python, Ruby, C++, data, etc. What ever tool, platform, interface, or language you want to use is up to you! If you've never presented, presented a few times, or presented a lot, you're welcome to show what you've created and talk about it. New presenters are highly encouraged to come up and present :D

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computer.art: dream

Sprout Social

computer.art: soft

8th Light

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