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CoNav is back in action! This year I plan to host fewer (only 5-6) public events and more private events. Please make a point of attending, as they will be very fun and very rare. :-)

The beginnings of my schedule for this year is at the very bottom of this page.

The fun way to find your way!

Hello, and welcome-

I've formed Colorado Navigation Games (aka, 'CoNav') to introduce people of all ages to the sport of orienteering, to offer challenging skills development events to experienced orienteers, and to offer customized private events for organizations ranging from schools to scouts to corporations. CoNav is a Supporting Member of Orienteering USA, the sport's national governing body.

Orienteering is a fun, low-cost way to enjoy Colorado's forests and fields while running or walking in the woods using a specialized, custom-made map.

Please join the CoNav meetup to be kept informed about upcoming events.

Events will be held on public lands convenient to both Denver and Colorado Springs.

At skills development events you'll typically have the option of:
Begintermediate: a series of easy, self-guided courses on mostly gentle terrain designed to take you from "I can't even read a map" to the Advanced Beginner level.

- OR -

Advanced Track: for experienced orienteers only, this track will offer a set of challenges, customized to make the most of the terrain, to help you further develop your orienteering skills outside of a race environment. The terrain will likely be rugged, possibly very rugged. There will be a Green/Red level practice course to cap things off.

Practice events will be like a meet, but more informal and without actual scoring, timing, etc.

- Wait, what is orienteering?
Orienteering, it its most basic form, is a solo running sport in which participants navigate through a series of controls located on mapped features. Many recreational participants just walk their courses and enjoy a special kind of a hike. Visit for an excellent overview.

- How long does orienteering it take?
You'll likely be on-site for about 1-4 hours depending upon the particular event. Courses will generally close in the early afternoon (see event listing for specifics), so you'll have plenty of time for other activities later in the day. Total distance for the Newbie Track will be around 3-5km, 5-7km for the Advanced Track. Fun meets (like a competition, but without the fuss) will usually take around an hour and will be 1.5-6km in length.

- What if my skill level is above "Begintermediate" but below "Advanced?"
No instruction will be offered for the Advanced track, so you must be comfortable with all aspects of reading, interpreting, and using an orienteering map, and with standard orienteering meet procedures. If you'd like to get some experience, I recommend running a few Orange or higher courses at events hosted by other orienteering clubs. I'll be happy to include such courses according to demand.

- How much does it cost?
With complete pre-registration (fee payment online via PayPal and online submission of a waiver for each participant), skills development events are $20 per person, no charge for children aged 12 and under participating with a parent (but a separate registration and parent-signed waiver is required). The fee day-of registration will be substantially higher, cash-only, exact change. Simpler events may be offered at lower prices.

  • Do I/we have to pre-register?
    Yes. As a small, simple process, pre-registration through a service called "EventReg" will be required. RSVP-in via Meetup is great, but is not pre-registration. No one will be turned away if they show up unregistered (unless the event permit includes a headcount cap), but day-of fees will be substantially higher (cash only), check-in will be slowed down, and there's no guarantee that I'll have maps available for those who've not pre-registered using EventReg.

- What should I wear?
Sturdy hiking or running shoes, comfortable clothing that you won't mind getting a little roughed-up if you go through brush. Don't forget sunscreen and whatever you deem appropriate for the weather.
You must wear a watch (or have some kind of timepiece) and carry an emergency whistle (free from the meet director).

- What should I bring?
Snacks, drinking water, a watch or phone (to keep track of time) and your desire to have a bit o'fun outdoors.

- Do I need a compass?
Not for the actual courses, as the emphasis will be on map reading and keeping yourself located on the map. You're welcome to bring a compass if you wish. CoNav has loaner compasses you can use at no charge. If you want to purchase a compass, the "Silva Starter 1-2-3" and "Suunto A-10 NH" are recommended.

(This is a mirror of my CoNav Colorado Springs Meetup: )

Initial 2024 Schedule:

30Mar - SE Denver Metro area, TBA
13Apr - Private Event
11May - Begintermediate event, Casey Jones Park, Elizabeth.
17May - Private Event
07Sep - USAFA Sherwood Forest - save the date!

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