What we're about

With the goal to redefine the rules of life through social exchange, Connect is a platform for entrepreneurs and freelancers, startups and artists, dreamers and doers, introverts and extroverts, friends and family to come together, exchange passions and make magic happen.

Our events are either Free to attend or we may charge a small fee to cover expenses and room rental, AV equipment and the like. We hope to keep costs low or the events free. Please see each event invite for details.

This group is meant to be a fun, supportive group in a welcoming and safe space, for everyone - Fresh faces, innovative ideas and people of all ages and backgrounds. No sales pitches, no divisive energy. Just a warm welcome! Here's to creating positive and sustainable change, starting now!

Whether you are new to Melbourne, to running a business, to developing an idea or simply wanting to be a catalyst for sustainable change in the world - Connect aims to support your cause by opening doors to social networks and connecting us all, as human beings

Some rules:

• No disrespecting other members (cyber bullying will not be tolerated).

• No nudity of any kind. This includes pictures as well as videos. There shall be at no time videos of fighting or graphic material of children!! And no harassment in group members both online and otherwise.

• No explicit name calling or swearing as such will be tolerated. This includes memes that must be blotted or blurred out.

• No Promotions/ Advertisement of any kind, except on Friday's and only if you been Posting in the group regularly during the week.

• No administrator shall be blocked for any reason, if this occur you will be automatically removed from the group.

Violation of these rules will result in a private inbox warning further violation will result is removal from the group. We also reserve the right to remove any post that we are considered offensive or distasteful without warning.

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