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What we’re about

The place where people just starting out can establish strong business roots.

Are you just getting started in your business? Are you looking for an accomplished mentor to help guide your way through your first business steps?

This is a group for new business owners who are taking their first steps into the fray. It's a safe place where you can learn marketing, planning, sales and overall business strategies from experts in the market.

Description of Mastermind Group:

Founded in 2020 by Earl Flormata, the Connected Colab mastermind group is focused on delivering starting and intermediate entrepreneurs with the tools and guidance on how to get where they want to be in their business. We cover every business topic including marketing, sales, branding, and much more!

Our core values include:

1. Results
2. Inspiration
3. Growth
4. Insight
5. Teamwork

We aren’t your regular business networking group, our mastermind is all about results and achievements for our members. We want every one of our members to leave each of our sessions armed with the knowledge and insight that will make them think differently about their business and marketing.

We run monthly sessions online - so that all business owners can attend and become part of the community.

The types of sessions will include keynote speakers, expert panels, and other educational style presentations, followed by networking on the Remo platform.

Just by being in our group you learn new tactics, tools, and techniques and you’re surrounded with other like-minded entrepreneurs so you’ll be able to learn, network, and grow!

Who Is Earl and How Will He Impact Your Life?

Earl Flormata aka "The Evil Marketing Genius" is known as the one of the most sought after digital marketing and sales consultants in the Vancouver Marketing arena. He is famous for ranking business and people on Google and has sold over 70 million dollars worth of products and services both on and offline.

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