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My name is Rachel, welcome to the group! :)

1. Have you ever been to a party for work or a friend and don't know how to get past SMALL TALK?
2. Have you gone to a meeting and didn't feel comfortable speaking up?
3. Have you ever walked up to someone new and weren't sure how to navigate the conversation?
4. Hate small talk in general and don't know how to move past it?
5. New in town and looking to get over fears and make more friends?
6. Wanting to deepen and enhance current relationships?

If you answered yes to any of these, for whatever reason, this group can help!!

Who: Be it introvert, extrovert, ambivert, purple people eater, it doesn't matter - All are welcome to share their hold-ups and anxieties around connecting.

What: This is an interpersonal and communication skill development group, centered around BASE-LEVEL networking and conversation skills in a safe, interactive environment.

Why: The reason I started this group is my hope of these discussions and lessons being a catalyst for more confidence, empowerment, and positive social engagements no matter what, using introspection to get to the source of social anxieties and OVERCOME them!

Where: We meet in a quiet spot that we can sit around a table or in a circle.

How: We go over basic topics, anything from personality types, handshakes, empathy, to discussions centering around inner dialogue and what holds people back. The objective of the group is self-advocacy, self-confidence, and all-around learning what makes genuine, long-lasting connections with others.

The best way to get results in this group is to show up, share your hold-ups, listen to others, participate in exercises :)

PSA: This group is NOT a space to bring dating, religious, political, or race-specific questions, and any inappropriate behavior will receive a warning and then a ban from the group.
This is a SAFE space and every member is entitled to feeling like they can share free of judgment.

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Improve Conversation Skills - From Home! Topic: A Quiet Mind

Covid-19 might have us bunkered down but we can still share and discuss social anxiety and improve social skills :) This week we'll discuss a quiet mind. It goes without saying that a quiet mind is useful, but how do we quiet our minds in conversation? This week will be talking about some practical skills to implement learning how to quiet our minds in a moment of stress.

Improve Conversation Skills - From Home! Topic: Anger

Covid-19 might have us bunkered down but we can still share and discuss social anxiety and improve social skills :) This week we'll discuss anger. Everything we're going through often just lingers under the surface until we are set off by one little thing, and sometimes that thing is a person in front of us that just had poor timing. How do we navigate conversation when so much is bubbling under the surface? How do we find healthy ways to express anger and embrace it rather than avoid it/bottle it up? How do we use introspection in mindfulness to navigate anger and our daily lives and interactions? These are some of the things that will be discussing this week. It's important to remember that I am not a counsellor or therapist, I simply have a genuine interest in having real authentic conversations about things that we are all experiencing simultaneously. It is also important to remember this is a safe space to share and be vulnerable. The conversation will be directed around how things pile up and how mindfulness can help.

Improve Conversation Skills - From Home! Topic: Humor

Online event

Covid-19 might have us bunkered down but we can still share and discuss social anxiety and improve social skills :) This week we'll discuss humor in conversation! I had a student once say that he wanted to be more funny. There's a bunch of YouTube videos and articles on how to be funny, but I think that it's deeper than that, like everything else :) I believe being funny requires being present and genuine in reacting to what you observe in the moment, but with everything else going on in our lives and minds, sometimes that can be hard to focus observing the present. Surprise surprise so it would be hard to be funny. Being funny also requires confidence, the ability to laugh at ourselves and not take things too seriously. Which is hard when the chatter won't stop and the fears keep us quiet.

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