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Hi there!
My name is Rachel, welcome to the group! :)
1. Do you want to communicate more openly?
2. Have you struggled to feel comfortable speaking up? 
3. Have you noticed you weren't sure how to navigate a conversation?
4. Hate small talk in general and don't know how to move past it? 
5. New in town and looking to get over fears and make more friends? 
6. Wanting to deepen and enhance current relationships? 
If you answered yes to any of these, for whatever reason, this group can help!!

Who: Be it introvert, extrovert, ambivert, purple people eater, it doesn't matter - All are welcome to share their hold-ups and anxieties around connecting through communication.

What: This is an interpersonal and communication skill development group, centered around BASE-LEVEL communication and conversation skills in an interactive environment.

Why: The reason I started this group is my hope of these discussions and lessons being a catalyst for more confidence, empowerment, and positive social engagements no matter what, using introspection to get to the source of social anxieties and support each other through discussions.

Where: Virtually or in-person in the city I'm located in.

How:  We go over basic topics, anything from personality types, handshakes, empathy, to discussions centering around inner dialogue and what holds people back. The objective of the group is self-advocacy, self-confidence, and all-around learning what makes genuine, long-lasting connections with others.

The best way to get results in this group is to show up, share your hold-ups, listen to others, participate in exercises :)

PSA: This group is NOT a space to bring dating, religious, political, or race-specific questions, and any inappropriate behavior will receive a warning and then a ban from the group. This is a space where every member is entitled to feel like they can share communication struggles free of judgment.

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Improve Communication Skills - Topic: Reframing to gain perspective

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What we'll be learning:
Reframing to gain perspective. When there is fear of confrontation, it can be hard to do just about everything when it comes to communicating. Let's talk about how e can create some wiggle room within ourselves to gain new perspectives and communicate openly.

As always, I encourage you to bring a pen, paper, and an open mind :)

These events are pay-what-you-can!
Suggested donation is $10
Your donation keeps the meetup running each month!
Venmo: @Rachel-randolph-6

Additional notes:

  • Everyone is entitled to share as much or little as they like about what stress means to them and their personal lives. If you feel called to give advice, please ask for CONSENT from the person you wish to give advice to.
  • Disclaimer: All are welcome, and it is a safe space to share. No attendee is above another in belief, race, gender, religious belief, sexual orientation, or otherwise. Shares should be from personal experience only and if you have suggestions for another member, please ask for consent to offer them. All attendees are respected and encouraged to share personal beliefs on the topic of discussion. Disagreements are welcome, disrespect is not.


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Improve Communication Skills - Topic: The Skill of Saying No

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