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This Meetup group provides members with an opportunity to connect with and meet other Muslims in London through our regular Meetups, charity based events and a range of fun activities. The events are -designed to forge connections which may result in a potential future partner, friendship or help to expand professional networks.

The events are varied in type and location to suit most Londoners and hosts will ensure individuals attending are comfortable and have a rewarding experience. The group will also endeavour to provide events with rich learning and development opportunities and find raising events for charitable causes.

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Surviving COVID-19- Tips

Online event

Hello all, this is a friendly online discussion to get things of your chest, engage in chit chat and relive some boredom whilst stuck at home..

Health, Well being and Exercise Tips (ONLINE ONLY)

Needs a location

This is noooot a Meetup - it's tips for self improvement. 🙂. And yes I do know I've set it to 2021 - that is because it not a Meetup - lol!


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Many brothers and sisters in and out of this group embark on worthwhile and challenging fund raising endeavours. My absolute respect to each and every one of them. Charity is a necessity for every muslim and it's benefits provide rewards long after a givers death. Be generous, be compassionate and help those who are less fortunate than you. THIS IS NOT A MEETUP. THIS IS AN ONLINE COMMUNICATION METHOD TO ADVERTISE CHARITY WORK INDIVIDUALS ARE TAKING PART IN. By joining this "event" you will receive updates on comments made by those who are embarking of charitable activities to raise money. For those of you who wish to advertise your charity, please use this method. There is a word limit to comments - so keep your words down to a 100 including your link. Please be concise and succinct.


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Here the organiser will put forward scenarios to illicit discussion. These will be topical and perhaps controversial. Opinions are valid but at no point will abuse be tolerated. Exercise patience, understanding and respect at all times. Be sensitive and be diplomatic. The conversations are to understand many diverse points of view and to conclude with how we should deal with situations in the best way.

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A winter trip to Paradise on Earth - MAURITIUS 🇲🇺

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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