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What we’re about

Love + Understanding + Mindfulness
Do these 3 concepts resonate with you?
If so, then this community welcomes you! Here's what we're all about:

The Vision
We are re-creating the sense of community and togetherness that was humanity's default state of being for most of its existence. In the US, we experienced this from closely-knit families, dense, walkable towns and neighborhoods and the Church. Today, university campuses and religious communities are a few of the remaining vestiges of this crucial element of human life. With suburbanization, social media proliferation and paid entertainment and consumerism, Americans are more isolated than ever. While the older generations may have lived through this transition, the younger ones may never have even seen what community really looks like.

Instead, we have allowed ourselves to be conditioned to live in a state of mere survival, to not question norms and to stop even imagining how fulfilling life can really be. We feel more alone than ever with skyrocketing neuroticism and mounting health problems. But despite all this doom and gloom, despite debt, despair and pessimism becoming normalized, we are all fully capable of doing much better! And it starts with consciousness. Question everything. Detach from limiting beliefs. Practice unconditional love. And be open to new ideas, people, activities and perspectives! Let The Conscious Growth Society be your gateway!

What do we do? 3 Types of Events:
Deep-Dive Discussions

  • Contemporary problems in society and within our own lives
  • Psychology, universal spiritual concepts, personal finance, relationships, self-discovery

Social Mixers

  • Practice being your true authentic self.
  • Develop deeper connections and practice overcoming social atrophy.
  • Potlucks, picnics, and food halls.

Activities & Workshops

  • Meditations, healing, museum visits, volunteer activities
  • Arts & Crafts, writing, and anything else we can think of!

We also host events on Zoom occasionally as it can make for even deeper discussion accompanied with diagrams, charts and images.

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Love + Understanding + Mindfulness: What does it all mean?

  • We are here for each other. Come to listen to other people. God gave us 2 ears but 1 mouth.
  • We trust our counterparts enough to open up to them and be vulnerable. We expect the same in return.
  • We want to leave each other more knowledgeable and more powerful than before.


  • When you are here, you are only here. Pay attention and be present. Get out of your head and get in touch with your peers and your surroundings.
  • When you are in the Now, you are not replaying old thoughts and experiences in your head, and you are also not projecting and intellectualizing the future.
  • Detach from underlying beliefs, identifies and visions. This is the only way to introspect and rewire your internal programs and habits.


  • We come together to learn from each other. Every viewpoint must be considered.
  • You are not here to win arguments and bludgeon your opponent into submission. Be prepared to have your mind changed, not to change the minds of others.
  • Critical Thinking is detached thinking. It's not about this side or that side of the argument. It is seeing everything purely objectively whether you agree with it or not.
  • Objective, analytical thought is one of humanity's greatest tools, and it can only be utilized consciously, detached from pre-existing expectation, belief and motive.

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