What we're about

This group is home to the passion driven urbanite; the frisky but grounded personal development junkie; the modern day discerning Spiritual seeker; the ones who are reaching for and already accomplishing satisfying results from a Spiritual practice or beneficial philosophies that they wish to develop into deeper demonstration.

Sounds like hella fun already, don't it? I think so. I mean, at the end of the day, we all want to refine our creative skills when it comes to creating our personal life experience; getting what we have identified that we want.

And fret not friends - if I were to pick a word out of those aforementioned to put most of the emphasis on as it relates to what this group is about it would undoubtedly be "grounded."

I don't want to scare away you tech execs, Wall Streeters and conscious entrepreneurs alike so it's nice to clarify that this is a wholesome place and a down to Earth forum where we break down the world's preeminent philosophies on self empowerment, self awareness and happiness into digestively practical conversation over delicious coffee.

Who could refuse?!

Our central points of focus are:

- The Law of Attraction
(Don’t be afraid, you’ve never heard it like this before)

- Framing the Bigger Picture
(Let’s set straight who we are, why we’re here, our life’s purpose, how to connect with guidance, how important emotions are, what the laws are that govern the makeup and functioning of physical reality and how it relates to the precursor; non-physical reality)

- Emotional Mastery, the KEY to Total Freedom
(Let’s understand, and demonstrate that we do, that emotions are indicators of vibrational activity and that our vibrational activity is being reacted to and matched by like thoughts, behaviours from others and orchestrated circumstances—so let's utilize this critical guidance to allow and create more experience of what we DO WANT)

- The Benefits and Mechanics of Meditation
(Let’s nail the meditation thing once and for all; let’s understand what we’re doing in the meditation process, deepen our knowing of why we are doing it and amplify the effects that it has on acclimating our vibration to clarify our receptivity to creativity and strengthen our propensity for good ideas and perfect timing, causing those reactions from everything and everyone around us that complement our intentions)

- The Art of Awakening
(We are all in this together and so let’s help you, no matter the stage of your awakening, master the moment and transition into deeper mastery with grace, and dare I even say finesse? As we raise our vibration the lower ones com out from hiding and if we are prepared enough we can allow our momentum upward to shake the out with as little rattling and ruffling in our lives as possible—and trust, this is so crucial on this path of self mastery, because being beaten off the path in this way often gets the best of most who choose it)

- The Power of Presence
(Now that we established stability and a foundation let’s really sink our teeth into the awesome power of being present, the crazy pleasure of presence and what you’re able to tilt into your life experience simply by owning the calibration of your vibration and THEN... exposing yourself to the fruit filled world from that AWESOME, Point of Attraction)

That all said, I will host these gatherings over exquisite craft coffee—a typical requirement for acutely conscious conversations such as these—whether roasted and brewed by myself (coffee professional here too) or by one of the many artisanally eccentric locals.

No matter the location, each gathering will provide an environment highly conducive to personal expansion and clarity, erupting in perfect timing with valuable nuggets and empowering insights on how to better your balance and improve your agility in those juicy, higher vibratory states to really master that big city thriving.

As for a bit about me, I'm a quasi-former pro actor who, after discovering how to achieve stability in higher states of consciousness during character exploration and development, now dedicates his life to teaching other fervent seekers how they might also learn to master these states of resonance with their expanded consciousness. The endeavours pursued in states of leverage such as these is where Deliberate Creation, life on purpose, becomes ridiculously synchronistic and absolutely astonishing.

These gatherings are a refreshingly potent re-acquaintance with the powerful Laws of Creation. This is a forum where you can witness them applied in conversation thanks to the dynamic lives that each of us are living.

This is that breath of fresh air you used to go to yoga for, or maybe still do.

You know that LIT on life feeling? That's what you'll find here.

This group is a place where you can be sure to feel renewed on all levels; emotionally reoriented, intellectually charged, and practically inspired. The result is self-generated empowerment, and that's gold.

This is the workshop where you come to slide deeper into the state you prefer so you can live the life you want.

The goal with this group is to establish a conversation around living more fully from a fuller state of being. Of course, the results have to be lived by you personally for you to understand their value, but once the demonstrations begin to flow in delightful, synchronous fashion for you, there will be nothing that can stop you from further strengthening your vibrational muscles to milk the leverage and intel that is yours for the devouring on those higher wavelengths of your infinite consciousness. Where you belong.

And not being there is cool too—don't have a cow, because now you know what to do, so let's get on with it.

Nothing is off limits for discussion but the orient of the conversation is firm, and immensely beneficial.

I'm looking forward to meeting you soon and fine-tuning our states together!

Much Love,


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