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What we’re about

This is a group for those curious about the nature of consciousness, and keen to investigate it in a holistic, collaborative and active way. Part book club, part discussion group, with (optional) activities - we hope to tackle the oldest, and most perplexing problem from multiple perspectives to baffle, enrich, and leave you with more questions than you came with!

We will apply different lenses to the problem(s) of consciousness, engaging with a range of disciplines, from philosophy, psychology and biology, to art, spirituality and improvisation. In each fortnightly session we will:

  1. discuss books and articles from an evolving reading list,

  2. have structured debates on a selection of topics

    (In separate optional sessions we will also actively explore consciousness through guided exercises (from mindfulness to improv))

We are looking for people who are open to different interpretations of the human experience and who would enjoy free-flowing discussion of them as we attempt to reconcile and synthesize. This is not a guided course, we are facilitators, not teachers, and we are not looking for students. Instead, you should see yourself as a collaborator, keen to jointly explore this 'original mystery', each of us contributing our own experiences, expertise and perspective.

We are looking for dedicated contributors to join us for fortnightly sessions starting mid-June. We ask that you let us know a bit about yourself and what you hope to get out of the working group, this will help us prioritize places if we are inundated.

This is not-for-profit endeavour, we are simply passionate about the topic and want to explore it with like minds in a structured way. The first few events will be free to give you a flavor of the direction we're headed, thereafter we may charge a low entry fee to recoup costs of the venue and meetup charges.