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What we’re about

I created this group as an open forum for dialogue and questions to get to the core of exactly what spirituality, consciousness, yoga, meditation, awakening and so on is all about. The world is in a continuum of shifting and changing and so are we. After traveling the world, connecting and assisting people on their journey of life, I have come to the realization that many people are seeking and searching for something that they are not even sure what "It" is. Before we can soar into the unknown depths of our realities, we have to crawl into the understandings of ourselves and our true connection to it all.
Yes, this is Consciousness 101. Let's ask the questions and discuss the many topics that several of us face as we unlock the true meaning of it all.

This Group is for anyone and everyone who wants to understand what Consciousness is all about and their place in it. For now, we will meet once a month on zoom video-conference.

If you have a topic that you would like to expound on please feel free to message and we can add it to the topics.

It is important to make note this meet up is completely non-judgmental, open opinion, ideas and understanding.