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We are a community of free thinking Individuals who practice conscious and aware living. We gather to share, explore, uplift, inspire, and support each other along each of our own chosen paths of self-awareness. We believe that every individual is a part of a collective whole, an integral piece of the puzzle and both individually and collectively conscious. We believe that each person is a teacher and student at the same time. We come together as a community to practice more consciousness living.

-We Are ONE-

We don't all think alike, and we may not agree on all things and that's ok. It's our uniqueness that makes this community beautiful. This thriving community of like-hearted individuals is magnificent because each person has a unique voice that get's heard. We challenge one another to think outside the box, care deeply about a common good for all and agree that love and compassion are the keys for a joyful human experience.

This is an Active In-Person Community and we have a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/consciousnesscolle... (https://www.facebook.com/consciousnesscollective.info/) Join us there and please share with friends!

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Open Hearts and Free Thinkers Wanted!

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