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Oyster Reef Planting Program - Charlotte Harbor!
You Can Help Protect Charlotte Harbor's Coast Our Gulf projects include: Oyster Reefs Rebuilt Oyster Reefs (VIDEO) Oyster reefs may just be the hardest working natural systems in the Gulf of Mexico. They provide a critical foundation of life for fish and shellfish, they filter pollutants in our water and protect our communities from erosion and the damaging effects of storms. But our oyster reefs are in trouble. The Nature Conservancy has a wealth of expertise on oyster habitat restoration— implementing projects across the United States, including right here in Florida on the Atlantic Coast since 2006. Now, we are applying that knowledge along Florida’s Gulf coast, identifying sites from Charlotte Harbor to Pensacola that are ripe for restoration. Florida’s projects, together with similar restoration efforts in Alabama, Mississippi and Texas, represent a holistic approach to restoring the Gulf’s environment and economy.

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    Join the club! The Scuba Lessons Inc. sponsored "Conservation Club" This club is a way to meet others, dive ALLOT, save money, make friends, learn more about scuba and conserve the environment while serving the community and having fun. We strive to make every meet up an eco friendly or eco knowledge event.

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    Shark Tagging

    Fun Dives

    Turtle Rescues

    Manatee Hospitals

    Build Reef Balls

    Propagate Coral

    Offer Scuba Training for inner city kids

    Offer Scuba Family Fun Days

    Offer additional club member training free to improve skills like bouyancy that make our members better divers and in return keep our members off the coral and the coral safe!

    Support Soldiers

    Fund raise for conservation efforts but only in fun.. underwater poker tournaments, ultimate diver contests and other fun stuff!

    Listen to our members.. WHAT DO YOU WANT??

    Partner with dive boats to get CHEAP DEALS



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