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Consoles & Cardboard
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Optimism Brewery

1158 Broadway · Seattle, WA

How to find us

From the Broadway entrance, we'll likely be on the far side of the bar. Look for the projector screen.

Location image of event venue


Video games and tabletop games based in the Optimism Brewery.
Sometimes TTRPGs or story games.

What we'll bring:
- A modest rotating board game library, courtesy of Daniel
- An AV setup, including:
---- Projector + Screen + Audio
---- Nintendo Switch + 4 Pro Controllers + Multiplayer Library
---- Steam Link + 4 Steam Controllers
---- Wifi + LAN setup (limited/no internet)
---- HDMI hookups for other systems
---- Various cables and adapters
---- This list may expand over time, so check back!
- If you have any specific requests for the rotating board/video game library, feel free to start a discussion or leave a comment

What you can bring:
- Any board/tabletop games you'd like to play
- Any TTRPGs you're willing to run ad-hoc
- Other consoles/laptops to hook up to the projector
- Outside food
- Nothing at all, if you like

Where we'll be:
- The back right corner by the stairs + grain
- However, setup in Optimism is a bit ad-hoc, so we may have to relocate a bit
- It should be easy to find us by the projector setup or the black + yellow bins
- Signage is planned, but not yet implemented

Getting here:
- There is paid parking nearby on Seneca and Boyleston
- Best bet for free parking is probably First Hill. All street parking is free on Sundays
- There is a Link Light Rail station nearby, and may allow you to avoid traffic
- The Seattle Streetcar is also nearby
- The #2 bus goes up the hill from downtown

- Optimism only makes/serves beer, a single unlisted cider (locally produced), sparkling water, and regular water. No food.
- There is a rotating food truck parked in the loading bay
- There are plenty of food options nearby, and it is allowed inside. We will have a list of nearby food places available

A few notes:
- Long boardgames will usually be started toward the start of the event
- Many different video games are usually played throughout the night, cycling every 10-30 minutes unless we start something longer like Moonhunters
- TTRPGs tend to be organized in advance, with the exception of occasional ad-hoc one-shots
- Storygames tend to be run ad-hoc if there's enough interest at the time