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Diagrams in Documentation

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Alexander S. and Ralf M.
Diagrams in Documentation


When you add diagrams to your documentation, it has at least two benefits:

1. You'll need to write less text.
2. Readers get an additional perspective for the topic.

Last time the discussion briefly touched (previously known as In this meeting I want to focus its PROs and CONs, hear users' opinions and how it compares to other tools like PlantUML.

Please try to give a test run before the meetup. You can do that online or with a local app:

I hope that we'll be able to look behind the curtain of the integrations of into IDEs. It has already been done for VS Code and is in the making for IntelliJ - maybe their maintainer take us for a guided tour?

Both plugins are open source and take part in #hacktoberfest, so have a look around: and

This time there will be a raffle of sticker packs. Everyone who registers for the meeting and joins the call will be able to participate.

As always, if you have questions or feedback, please reach out to me on meetup or Twitter (@ahus1de), my inbox is always open! 📨

I look forward to meeting you soon!


Make this event an outstanding event for everyone! All participants are required to follow the code of conduct:

This event will use Jitsi ( for video and screen sharing. You can use your browser to join the event (no need to install software). I'll send out a link before the event.

I encourage everyone to call-in using your PC. Please consider switching on your camera as this allows better interaction.

Wondering when this event happens in your time zone? Ask the converter:
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