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Important Notice: There are only 6 tickets at most, if you're sure to attend the class, pls help to book in advance at least one day through the following website or wechat: wechat ID is cookinshanghai2. it is 360rmb per person for this class. Email address: [masked] / [masked] phone number: cherry [masked]/ helen [masked] Originally a Cantonese custom, dim sum is inextricably linked to the Chinese tradition of "yum cha" or drinking tea. Today, dim sum is served throughout China. Each region has their own specialties. dim sum consists of a variety of dumplings, steamed dishes and other goodies. We will teach you about traditional shanghainese and cantonese dim sum, such as the most famous shanghainese dim sum ''xiaolongbao'' (soup dumpling), wontons and those wonderful shrimp dumplings with the translucent skin. Fried treats include mini spring rolls and fired dumplings. Discover more dishes on our website.Please kindly note:Dimsum is challenging,it's a little bit difficult to make it perfect in your first time.As long as you know how to make it,anything else you need is to practice.Practice makes perfect.The more you practice,the better it will be.

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301 Zhaojiabang Road (Near Damuqiao Road) · Shanghai