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C/C++ Meetup 0x09 - Prevas, python and C!

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Jens S. and florin m.


Time for another meetup! This time we're going to Prevas, and looking into Python, but from an embedded and C perspective. We'll look inside an open-source project using Python for embedded devices by project contributor Florin Maticu, and look under the hood of the C engine running python2.
Some of you may already know Prevas, who's known for their high quality consultants, among other strong capabilities in embedded development and Linux.
This even will dive into Python from another light, ever wondering how it could be used in embedded or what's partly running the engine?
Please update your RSVP / status as soon as possible.
Then for the practical stuff
The meeting will take place at Prevas (Lyskær 3EF, 2730 Herlev).

Regarding parking;
When you park on an unmarked or marked guest-spot for Prevas, then you can enter the number-plate on tablet inside the Prevas facility.

17.50 - 18:00 : Welcome, find a seat.
18.00 - 18:10 : Short opening notes.
18:10 - 18:20 : Introduce our host, Prevas
18:20 - 19:00 : First talk by Florin Maticu.
Python on microcontrollers: an introduction to the C core implementation of CircuitPython
19:30 - 19:30 : Break, pizza, soda and socializing.
19:30 - 20:00 : Jens Schønberg:
"Under the hood of Python2"
A look inside the code making up the engine behind python2, we'll look at how the interpreted language is running behind the scene, give some insight into how you can tweak and hack it to run your native code inside the virtual machine.

Copenhagen C/C++ Meetup
Copenhagen C/C++ Meetup
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Lyskær 3EF · Herlev