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An Intro to Eleventy: Static Site Generation Made Fun Again

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An Intro to Eleventy: Static Site Generation Made Fun Again


This month we have Luciano Mammino, co-author of Node.js Design Patterns, giving us an intro into building static sites with Eleventy.

Static site generators and the JAMStack are all the rage right now. After trying several different tools to generate Static Sites, Luciano recently discovered Eleventy and after building a few websites with it he feels like he is in love! In this presentation, Lucciano will try to explain why that is!

This month's event will be online again. Please register at to watch the event (live or on catchup)

Luciano Mammino wrote his first line of code at the age of 12 on his father's old i386. Since then, he has never stopped coding. He is currently working at FabFitFun as Principal Software Engineer where he is building microservices to serve millions of users every day. Luciano is co-author of Node.js Design Patterns ( and he runs Fullstack Bulletin (, a free weekly newsletter for fullstack developers.

Packt Publishing have kindly supplied a copy of Luciano's latest book, Node.js Design Patterns to giveaway to one lucky attendee on the night.
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