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A forum for non-experts to make themselves heard and listen to each other

The Coronavirus debates are primarily a way for all of us non-experts to feel more included in public conversations about how to respond to the crisis and to better understand people who have a different view on what should be done.

They're also a chance to learn from our team of debate trainers, who work with schools, charities, and businesses, how to improve the way we defend our opinions and respond to people who disagree with us, so that debates lead to decisions we can all accept instead of heated and divisive arguments.

Find out more about the Coronavirus Debates on our web page here (https://www.greatdebaters.co.uk/the-coronavirus-debates).

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Zoom debate: what should close to keep schools open?

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A public forum for non-experts to have their say on how to respond to the Coronavirus crisis and make sense of the arguments on both sides THE DEBATE The government has committed itself to keeping schools open when term starts but has also acknowledged this may mean re-imposing restrictions elsewhere with Chief Medical Officer, Chris Whitty, warning that we have reached the limit of reopening. We won't know exactly what choice we will need to make until we get there, but we do know that the options will include: -Closing pubs and bars (and other leisure and hospitality venues) -Re-introduce 'shielding' for people vulnerable to infection -Targeted local lockdowns any time there is a spike in infections -Halt all inessential travel in and out of London -Regional bans on households meeting indoors How far should we be prepared to go to keep schools open but fend off a second wave and is there any trade-off that we cannot accept? WHO THE CORONAVIRUS SERIES IF FOR? Do you feel excluded from the decisions being taken on how to respond to the challenges presented by the Coronavirus crisis? Do you think non-experts have something to contribute to the debates on how we manage this crisis in addition to the experts we rely on to keep us informed? Do you struggle to get your point across or understand why other people have such different views on what is the right thing to do? Then we'd like to hear from you in this unconventional public debate. RUNNING ORDER 6.30 - 6.45: introduction and pre-debate poll A reminder of the running order and how you can take part in the debate before a quick poll on your priorities 6.45 - 7.00: breakout room discussion in small groups A chance to get comfortable speaking in front of others and to work out what you'd like to say in the main debate 7.00 - 7.30: main debate begins with open forum Share your view with the rest of the room - you won't be expected to take a position or go head to head with anyone else 7.30 - 7.45: debate facilitator analyses open forum One of the club's in-house facilitators condenses the range of viewpoints expressed so far into the key trade-offs that need to be justified

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This deal has huge implications for all of us, but is getting no public attention , at least officially. Is being kept effectively secret. let's shine some light on it

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What Has Corona Virus Done For The Role Of The MP

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