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So you want to find the secret stashes, avoid the crowds, and meet some awesome new skiers and boarders?

We are a local group of Denver/ High Country residents looking to make the mountains more accessible, fun, and safe for all levels inside and outside of the resort. We'll be rating our adventures as Levels 1-5 in the resort and 1B-3B in the backcountry. If it's your first time out with us please read through the descriptions and if you're debating between levels try the lower first, you can always jump next trip.

Disclaimer: These are not lessons, pointers will probably be exchanged between snow shredders, but if you're looking for lessons this is not your place.

(Equipment required: Skis, Board, Helmet- no helmet, no shreddy, Goggles, Proper Waterproof Attire, Resort Ticket)

Level 1 (Green/ Novice Blues)- You have equipment or have rented it, know how to ride the lift, can stop/ turn, and can make your way down a basic green trail. You want to learn how to be more confident on the slope, learn basic ski safety, and maybe tackle some easy blues. This is a no drop group (below this please take a basic lesson, Abasin has a 4 pack of lessons that are reasonably priced, as well as lessons out of the front range)

Level 2 (Blue/ Novice Blacks)- You can ride ALL green runs in the resort and have done quite a few blues. You know basic skier safety, own your own gear and a comfortable with it. You want to be experience blue level ungroomed terrain (crud, ice, chop, POW, and maybe even a few bumps), baby jumps, and easy black groomers. This is a no drop group.

Level 3 (Black/ Novice Doubles)- You are confident on ALL blue terrain including blue bumps (doesnt have to be pretty but you can make your way from top to bottom), black groomers, and can traverse a mountain. You are comfortable on your skis/board hitting speed on blue groomers. You want to be more confident on bumps, start riding in trees, play in ungroomed black type terrain, small jumps, and experience some easier doubles within the resort. This is a no drop group.

Level 4 (Doubles)- You are confident on all Black runs within resorts, comfortable off piste and really want to hone your skills in tougher terrain (think trees, steeps, bumps, small cliffs- 2-3 feet) and making nothing within resort bounds off limits! This ride will be decided by the leader before the ride if it will be a drop or no drop day.

Level 5 (All)- You want to SHRED... Nothing is off limits and we will be exploring the bounds of a resort and stuff that's probably not on the map. Think bootpacking, big mountain lines, fast steeps, nothing is off limits. You want to hone your high level skills and aren't scared to ski 30,000 plus vertical of leg burning terrain in a day. Bring your snacks, this is drop group and will be led by someone with 30+ days experience at that particular resort. If side country is a potential (will be disclosed in the meetup) bring avvy safety gear

Backcountry- Before joining backcountry you should be able to ski comfortably with the Level 3 group above and groups will be kept small for safety
(Equipment required: Skis, Board, Helmet- for downhill, Goggles, Proper Waterproof Attire, Avalanche probe, Beacon, Shovel, Skins, Backpack, Layers)

Level 1B- You are exploring backcountry for the first time or just want an easier day. Vertical will be under 2,000 feet, blue to easy black terrain, could also include side country off of a resort. You know how to use your gear and are ready to get out there.

Level 2B- Vertical will be between 2-3,000 ft, some kick turns will be required, and potential boot packing at points (will be disclosed before). Terrain could vary depending on route, but movement is with a purpose

Level 3B- You're ready for anything and are ready to hit some big lines. Bring your type 2 A game because this suckers going to hurt!

Also... follow us on FB @coskiersandboarders or my Instagram @ct_skis for event updates.

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