What we're about

Do you work out of coffee shops or from your home office? Is your work portable? Do you need a communal place to study or share your startup ideas with like-minded individuals? Then Cowork Fremont might be your dream too. Cowork Fremont is an interest group to start a coworking space in the San Francisco bay area city of Fremont. The idea of this coworking space would be to give independent business owners, freelancers, mobile professionals, entrepreneurs, and other like-minded individuals a safe, productive, and creative environment to get work done or bounce ideas off of one and another. The coworking space will be a warehouse or large studio style building with no cubicles, but plenty of office desks, conference rooms, and lounge sofas. Speedy wireless internet, coffee, and tea will be provided, and there will be plenty of electrical outlets. Anyone--entrepreneurs, independents, or students--will be able to walk in and pay for a day pass, which will provide full wireless internet, electricity, coffee, and tea privileges to the individual for a very meager amount (most likely the cup of a coffee). Professionals can also pay membership fees which will provide for a dedicated office desk for your use, the ability to use the address as your business address, priority conference room privileges, and all of the other privileges (wireless, coffee, etc.) that are afforded to day-pass users. Above all else, the idea of Cowork Fremont is to bring like-minded entrepreneurs and individuals together to build a community. Business comes second. If you are interested in seeing Cowork Fremont become a reality, please join this meetup group and participate in the message board discussion.

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