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Wish you could meet other people who work at the local coffee shop or in their slippers at home? Want to share ideas for business, freelancing, etc.? Join us and other coworkers who are discovering the value and power of working side by side on your own projects. We'll be highlighting events all around the Bay Area, at existing coworking spaces as well as forming ones.

Welcome back to Bay Area Coworking. We're reviving this long-dormant MeetUp group to make it something that truly encompasses the whole Bay Area, stretches between spaces, helps people create new coworking communities and hacker spaces and connect to existing ones, and fosters inter-community connections.

We're Raines Cohen and Betsy Morris, your hosts and facilitators. We're Coworking Coaches (http://www.CoworkingCoaches.com/), helping people create coworking spaces, work effectively in existing spaces, and help spaces thrive and grow to meet members' needs. We regularly visit several Bay Area spaces, and help advise others around the country.

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