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TwentyThree™ is hosting as we explore richer web experiences. Please note that we are starting a bit earlier than usual.

17:00 Welcome

17:10 "Moving Pictures — on web Video and Interactivity", Opher Visnia

18:10 Snack/drink

18:30 "Developing for 360 Video on the web", Kalle Kabell

Moving Pictures - on web Video and Interactivity

Sometimes video is not just video. The web allows us to enhance video experience with user interaction - hence interactive video. No matter the narrative, whether you're making a movie, a game or an ad on the web with HTML5 video: one aspect is always important: The GUI. So what is interactive video and how can you layout amazing interfaces on top of video with web technologies like CSS and SVG, and make it work across devices and platforms without affecting video performance? I will show many cool examples, present several methods of achieving just that, discussing best practices and highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Opher Vishnia ( is Senior Creative at DeveloperInterlude Ltd. and frequent speaker. He was recently one of the main speakers at FullStack 2016, London.

Developing for 360 Video on the web

With Facebook and YouTube leading the way, 360 Video is becoming more and more mainstream on the web. This poses a new set of challenges for web developers, where video playback and interactivity is more about rendering 3D graphics than styling DOM elements. In this talk, Kalle will take us through building a 360 capable video player from scratch with Three.js.

Kalle Kabell ( is frontend lead at TwentyThree, working on their Video Marketing Platform. For the past 5 years he has been building tools and apps for online management and playback of video content.

Sortedam Dossering 5D · Copenhagen
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