September C/C++ Meetup


Hello everyone,

Our next meetup will be sponsored by Workday ( in their Dublin office.

Our aim is to continue delivering high quality technical content, so get ready for another CPPDUG Monday evening, where we'll have the following talks:

1. "Wrapping C into Golang" by David Carlier


An introduction, the benefits/bad sides of this approach and personal experience with it.

2. "Embracing Modern CMake" by Stephen Kelly


Because CMake is already over 15 years old, best practices have changed over time, in particular in the last 4 years. This talk will explore how to achieve some tasks using modern CMake idioms, as well as tooling and future directions.

C and C++ developers wishing to build code on multiple platforms will often rely on CMake to find dependencies and generate their build system.

The Internet is full of ways to write CMake code as it was common in 2006. However, CMake itself has moved on. A new set of APIs introduced in more-recent CMake versions aim for a conceptual consistency, simplicity and modularity in CMake code which was not previously possible.

CMake backward compatibility promises ensure that existing code continues to work, but as for C++, this form of ‘Modern CMake’ aims to simplify the developer experience, result in easier, more understandable and maintainable code, and establish future direction for how we use CMake.

This presentation will illustrate some differences and advantages between legacy approaches to CMake code and ‘Modern CMake’. After this presentation, the audience will be able to easily recognize legacy code and be able to make refactoring steps to improve the build system code.


Stephen Kelly has been working with C++ as a Software Engineer for almost 10 years. After starting out contributing to KDE applications and libraries, he subsequently became focused on the dependencies of KDE.

Stephen worked as a Qt professional in Berlin for 7 years and became a maintainer in the upstream Qt Project organization.

In parallel, Stephen became the top contributor to CMake over many releases and more than 4 years. He designed and implemented the central concepts and new APIs which aim to make CMake easier to work with, more extensible and more modular for users.

Stephen now lives in Dublin and works at Havok.

Please note that the talks will be recorded.

As usual, this event will be as informal as possible and we'll have some pizza and beer to help everyone enjoy the evening and socialise.

Thanks Workday for offering to host us and for providing food and refreshments for our guests!