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What we’re about

Edinburgh's C++ developer community gets together for talks, knowledge sharing, socialising, and fun! We run two strands of meet-ups, alternating every two months:

• Sponsored meet-ups with talks and presentations, food and refreshments, and plenty of networking time.

Social meet-ups for hanging out at a local bar or eatery, chatting about all things C++, and taking part in a quiz.

Everyone's welcome, whether you're a C++ expert or have never written a line of code! C++ Edinburgh aims to provide a positive, welcoming, and friendly environment for everyone. Above all, we want you to come along and enjoy yourself! Please see our Code of Conduct for more information.

Find us elsewhere:

• Website

• Twitter

If you would like to ask any questions or give feedback, please get in touch via email or Twitter. We truly appreciate any feedback we receive! Many thanks to our sponsors, Codeplay and Canon Medical, for funding our events.