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My first SIMD

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Phil N. and 2 others
My first SIMD


This month we welcome back Denis Yaroshevskiy who will introduce SIMD algorithms to us. As a warm up Stefan Popa will highlight some "Applications of SIMD". We still have room for at least one more short/ lightning talk - so let us know at if you have any ideas.

We're grateful to Macquarie for hosting us this month and providing free snacks and drinks.

Schedule (subject to change)

19:00 "Intro and News" - Phil Nash

19:15 "Applications of SIMD" - Stefan Popa

19:30 "other talk/ lightning talks" - TBD

19:45 break

20:00 "My first SIMD" - Denis Yaroshevskiy

`std::strlen` is 16 or 32 times faster than a while loop, depending on your machine.

How? It uses SIMD. And so can you. The talk will show you a few algorithms with SIMD,
enough for you to get a feel for it.

The talk will utilize `eve` library but you don't have to,
the principles and ideas stay the same regardless of how you write SIMD.

21:00ish - socialising and potentially moving on to a local bar

About the speaker(s):

Denis is a semi-active member of the C++ community. He is mostly interested in algorithms and how to make them very fast. Denis is one of the maintainers for eve SIMD library. He has contributions to libc++, Chromium base library (flat_set) and Folly (SIMD base64 implementation). Currently works at Meta, doing performance for a living.

Stefan currently work as equities quant analyst in Citibank, but the talk has nothing to do with that subject. Currently, he mainly does mainly Java but C/C++ is still one of the programming languages close to his heart :)

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C++ London
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