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Asia: C++ Online Interactive Q&A and Code Reviews,, Free :)

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Asia: C++ Online Interactive Q&A and Code Reviews,, Free :)


Modern C++23 Mentoring & Study Group - Questions & Answers in succession: recommended books, pre-asked questions, code marked TODO??:, possibly the (design of the menu system, or reading user input), and finally attendees' questions.

Come join us, in our long-standing collaborative community of dedicated programmers as we stare at code on 1080P monitors.

Meetup is expensive and may go away, as a backup please subscribe here:

Do you know everything you want/need to know about C++? Whether yes or no, this meeting may be for you.

Want to be better at programming and technical communication? Want to gain deeper understanding and discover new approaches?

What to share your C++ knowledge to help people, and be appreciated by your peers, and be known for your knowledge? We need teachers and mentors.

Come early to set up your computer, login, and network with us.

The structured meeting will start 10 minutes after the posted time. Please be early!

The online Zoom video conference link is shown on this announcement by at some point before the meeting.

For text "chat" and formatted "code copy/pasting" during the meeting, do not use Zoom chat. Instead, login (using probably your github account) and use this free and long-term unlimited chat system called with the subsystem

We will have a break at about halfway for meetings that run 2 hours, and also other creative features to inspire and engage the group. :)

We don't do lectures, if someone is talking, someone asked a question and wants the answer, and is listening. You can even interrupt, if you didn't hear or understand what is being said. Or stay silent, lurkers are welcome.

No charge, this a labor of love on the part of the active participants.

For our recommended reading list, please see the about page of this meetup.

Mentors Needed! - Our expert volunteer mentors benefit from teaching, as well as hearing and learning alternative approaches from their fellow mentor's views, and the questions asked by the learners (students) during a session.

Group Culture and Meeting Facilitation -
We discuss deeply technical specifics regarding Modern C++ and how to modernize code up to that standard. Introductory and advanced questions and answers are interleaved with the goal of everyone getting some benefit moment to moment. All questions are treated with respect. All answers/replies/comments and asides are considered, challenged, and supplemented by everyone in the group. We are highly interactive, and we sit around a huge table to facilitate quality communication. No one is required to speak, but we hope you will have something to add when you are comfortable doing so. The moderator of the group is very proactive in keeping the discussion understandable, focused, on topic and moving forward, as well as creating space for people to speak and express their technical ideas. We aim for highly productive, highly interactive learning.

One thing that makes us truly different is that attendees can publicly challenge and or criticize Grant and Alan during the course of the meeting. If you think something is not being explained well, you can't read someone's handwriting, someone is going too fast, or the meeting is getting off track, you can say something. Grant and Alan will not be crushed, nor will we retaliate with anger, nor with passive aggressive behaviors, nor retribution. We work to facilitate excellent, efficient, flexible and responsive events and part of this means inviting audience feedback even when it is not 'ego positive' for us. However this does not mean that you can aggressively question other attendees, organizers or mentors, since they have not generally agreed to be public criticized.

Suggested IDE -
We will be using the Qt Creator, the editor within the cross-platform development environment for programming exercises and examples. You can download the open-source Qt product here:

Please consider reading this website (especially the C++ page) to understand our procedures and (if that gives a strange google error {help me!?}, then try this: )

Keywords: CppMSG, Cpp, Cplusplus, C++11, C++14, C++17, C++20, C++23 C++ Mentoring and Study Group,, Austin Texas USA

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C++ 23 Interactive Q&A >Help, Mentoring & Study Group CppMSG
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