Summer tie dye!

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Let's do tie dye! We'll try the usual way with regular dye, and a new way that uses rubbing alcohol and sharpies. Bring something white or light-colored to dye, like a t-shirt, bandana, or a piece of fabric, and make sure it's made of cotton. We'll provide the dye and markers. Look forward to seeing you there!

PS Instructions prior to the meetup: Wash your shirt ahead of time in order to get the best dye absorption. We'll soak them in a little soda ash as well once you arrive. Also! your creation will need to soak overnight, so be prepared to take it home in a plastic bag and keep it out of the way of any dogs, cats, children, ferrets, tribbles, soot sprites, and other errant life forms, as well as rinse it out in a place where you can rinse dye off of a thing. Then you can machine-wash it.

Here are the actual instructions if you are curious: