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Saturday VOLLEYBALL - Intermediate & Advanced
Place: Matty Eckler Recreation Centre (Gerrard/Pape) Program: DROP-IN: Volleyball Time: 9:30 - 11am (Sundays) Fee: $3.50 to Recreation Centre 953 Gerrard St E M4M 1Z4 Rec Center contact:[masked] Partially Accessible Ward: 30 District: Toronto & East York Near: Pape & Gerrard We will accept up to 12 players each Sunday. This is a community center drop-in. WE HAVE NO CONTROL over who does or does not get in. Over the last few weeks the level of play has increased. Please make sure can play volleyball at an at least intermediate level. Respond Yes and have a fun play with us! Below is a link recorded on Jan 25, 2015 by Jenny. here is a team picture taken on Feb 22, 2015 by Andy.

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Welcome to Crazy About Volleyball! CAV (and Stuff)-----

This group is for all levels of players and includes beach volleyball events as well as social events. All volleyball events will be geared to a specific level (see breakdown of levels below). The intention is to have fun, meet new people, and improve your game skills!

All levels are usually welcome, we generally get members who are intermediate or above. Respect and common courtesy are expected, however competitive spirit is always welcome!

We usually play 6's, 5's, 4's, 3's, and sometimes 2's and we follow "beach rules" (eg. 3 hits, no volleying, etc).

In the summer the fees are $3-5 per game, to cover net replacement and additional net purchase costs, unless otherwise specified, and in the off season we play at North Beach where members of our group get to play at a discounted price on saturdays ($12 instead of $16).

Hope to meet you all soon!


(Carrying the torch for Anna ..)


LIABILITY WAIVER: Please read the liability waiver located in the "Files" section before attending an event.

CANCELLATION POILCY: Cancelling for an event later than ONE DAY before the event is considered No Show and you will be marked as "1 strike". Once you have two strikes you will be suspended for the season until next summer.



Events will be geared towards a specific level, except MIXED LEVEL events, where all levels are welcome to attend.

REC - Learning basic skills such as passing, settting, volleying, and hitting, OR is new to the game and never played before.

HIGH REC - Able to keep ball in court 50% of the time. Understands 3 hit game and able to pass, set, volley, and hit, but is not consistent with these skills. Eager to move up to intermediate.

INTERMEDIATE - Able to keep ball in court 80% of the time. Plays 3 hit game, and is fairly consistent with passing, volleying, hitting, and setting (or at least with three of these). Comfortable playing 4's.

INTERMEDIATE+ - See above (intermediate). In addition, able to get harder balls, and is more consistent with skills. Attempts to play strategically and direct the ball (i.e. have the ball go where you want it to go). Comfortable playing 3's.

ADVANCED - All of the above. In addition, has experience playing 2's OR is able to play 2's.


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