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What we’re about

Learn to create more love, more passion and abundance in your life.
To love and enjoy life we need to learn how to manifest the love life that we desire. We need to heal our bodies, overcome shame, guilt and limiting beliefs.
Your imagination and your thoughts, both conscious and unconscious have a direct effect on your love life, health, wealth, relationships and all other aspects of your existence.
It doesn’t matter what drama you’ve faced in your life, your connection to infinite source, creativity and divine unconditional love will always prevail.
The purpose of this group is to help you along your life path to achieve self mastery, by reconnecting you to the all powerful aspect of your being.
There is a simple art of manifestation, law of attraction and law of abundance - what you think and imagine creates your reality.
It is your birthright to live a life of love, happiness, and abundance. A lot of people cannot see their true potential, because of their own negative beliefs, and those of others around them.  During workshops we use exercise's that enable you to release limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering ones.


“I attended the Law of Attraction and Abundance session yesterday hosted by Andrew Okaro. I really felt positive and full of energy after attending his session. He really knows what he's doing and how to deliver the content.”- Jass
“Wonderful lively (and relaxing) workshop which clearly dug deep into the real meaning of The Law of Attraction - lovely group and host!” - Alice
“Removing blocks to wealth and abundance was the most empowering workshop I have done this year” - Melanie

"Since I attended your workshop, I have been stopped by a gentleman on the street because he thought I was stunning and wanted to know more about me. I have for the first time told my ex that I finished my journey with him. It was nice being on the giving end. He started initiating contact a day after the workshop. On Thursday I had a date with a young man who previously I wouldn't have thought is out of my league. He is smitten still and looking forward to the second date. Thanks again.” - Pamela
“Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. A good balance between theory and exercises.” - Asela

“It was amazing, loved it very much! Eyes opening experience! this session helped me to realise how I subconsciously use my words and unblock natural flow of abundance.” Eva
“It was truly inspiring and Andrew is great at presenting different approaches and using different methodologies to enhance our creation of wealth and abundance. Andrew is also very intuitive and an excellent coach.” JT
"An excellent session. I learned a lot about myself and it surprised me some of the things that surfaced. I will definitely be attending more sessions with Andrew." Antoinette

“I went to the workshop today and was able to relax into meditations and exercises to find block easily due to Andrews skill. Its a fantastic experience and I look forward to more.”
“Andrew is a very talented psychic. He helped me release blocks of energy. He is a very nice person as well and is happy to share his insights. Thanks for this great workshop Andrew! ”

“The day was really beautiful and the workshop too. I enjoyed the meditations. Andrew was an empowered and fantastic facilitator. The time went quickly and I enjoyed the other like minded participants. Hopefully we will meet again on the journey to greater abundance.”