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What we’re about

A group for all levels of photo-enthusiasts to create one picture during the meetup on a given technique or theme that allows each individual to practice and create during the time we get together.

The ground rules are:

1) Be humble and courteous to all the participants.

2) You could be an expert or Intermediate or beginner level photographer or just someone who wants to shoot with a group.

3) Gear doesn’t matter. This meetup is not to compare and show-off your gear. We prefer simplicity. For some exercises, if we mention some gear requirements, then please do rent/borrow those and come for the meetup.

4) Sharing is caring. So, share your knowledge but don’t be patronizing.

5) Be respectful of everyone’s background, culture and gender. Do not discuss Trump, religion or any other trigger topics. This is a photography group. 

6) There will be a group collage of everyone’s best photograph.

7) Please do not email or solicit members for yours or your friends business. Members will be removed if anyone engages in any solicitation. 

7) Have fun shooting.

8) We have the right to eliminate anyone for any behavior that we consider to be disruptive to the stated goals of the group.