What we're about

This group is for Practical Idealist to share ideas, skills and resources….a place to vision, debate and collaborate. Let's have conversations that have never happened before! Let's create real world solutions that celebrate our individual desires and honor the needs of our collective future. Let's enjoy the process and each other.

I'm hoping to gather a diverse group of creative, positive people that truly embrace the gift of different perspectives and are excited to cross-pollinate. If you ask 100 people, "What does a better world look like?,” you're going to get 100 different answers. How can we help each other create the lives we want while also creating a viable, collective vision for the future that includes us all?

This meetup is one of the local pathways groups of The Ollin Institute (http://www.ollininstitute.com) that offers training, events and collective ventures that cultivate connection, expression, purpose and growth. See a list of our groups HERE. (http://www.ollininstitute.com/meetups)

We are actively looking for individuals that would like to host, offer a workshop, or partner with us in organizing the group.

You may see our policy and how to post your events HERE.

If you have an questions or would like to be a partner with us, or be one of our lead hosts/facilitators, contact Trish at trish@ollininstitute.com.

Types of Meetups:

We will be having several types of meetups, there will be facilitated groups, workshops and guest speakers. These will have varied costs depending on the event.

Some of the potential topics to be explored include:

Personal and Cultural Beliefs about Money, Evolving Capitalism, Money Management, Social Responsible Investing, Alternative Currencies, Time Banks / Barter, The Economy, Global Economy, Creating More, Spirituality and Money, Gift Economy, Philanthropy, Micro-credit, Local Currencies and Economy, Ecological Accounting, Equity Sharing, Organizational Structures and Ownership

Local Food, Slow Food, Lifestyles (vegan, vegetarian, etc), Herbs and Healing, Soil, Bees, Urban Gardens and Homesteading, Politics of, Healthy Cooking, Farm Shares, WOOFing, Corporate Influence, Trends, Nutraceuticals, Healing with Food, Wild Crafting, Seed Banks, GM Foods, Irradiation, Eliminating Hunger

Innovative Architecture, Tiny House Movement, Urban Homesteading, Conscious Design, Feng Shui, Green Building, Tiny Houses, Permaculture, Getting off the Grid, Emergency Preparation, Cohousing, Communes, Intentional Community, Energetics of Place, Ending Homelessness

Deep Ecology, Earth as a living organism, Living systems, Indigenous Wisdom, Earth Based Spirituality, Wilderness Skills, Bio-mimicry, Nature Spirits and Devas, Nature as Teacher, Earth Changes, Climate Changes

Community Organizing, Transition Town Movement, Resiliency, Gift Economy, Social Capital, Leadership, Collaboration, Resource Sharing, Community Building, Urban Planning, Crowd Sourcing, Communication and Social Media, Permaculture, Barn Raising

Social Media for Change, Role of Technology in the Future, Appropriate Technology, The Singularity, Virtual Worlds, Impact on Community, Technology’s Role in the Future, Pioneers

Media and Social Change, Trends, Social Movements, Human Rights, Gay Marriage, Race, Gender, Body Image, Sexism, Aging, Collective Ritual, Art and Music

Revolution 2.0
Activism 2.0, Seva, Volunteerism, Philanthropy, Starting a Movement, Leadership, Social Media, Compassion in Action, Defining “Helpful”, Social Justice, Spiritual Activism

Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Biofuels, Hydrogen, Hybrid Systems, Electric Cars, Alternative Transportation, Politics of, Free Energy/Tesla, The Future of Energy

Generations Conscious Parenting, Rites of Passage, Eldering, Mentoring, Coming of Age, Teens, Aging, Our Legacy, Generation Gap, Honoring our Elders, Planning for Future Generations, Ancestors

Past events (37)

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